Best Dishwasher in India 2019 (A Detailed Buyer’s Guide)

Don’t you just hate it when you enter the home after a hectic day and have to head straight into the kitchen because there are tons of utensils to wash as the maid has ditched you again?

Well, cleaning dishes is not only tiring but also consumes bucket loads of water and even messes up the kitchen as there is water everywhere now due to the splashes. So is there a neater, eco-friendly alternative?

Yup, that is where a dishwasher comes into play and with this buyer’s guide, we are going to make finding the best dishwasher in India a breeze for you.

Best Dishwasher in India for Home

Bosch 12-Place Dishwasher: From allowing you to schedule wash cycles, adjustable racks, an auto mode that requires minimal labor work to consuming just 9-liters of water for a full load, this dishwasher is a blessing is a disguise for any homemaker.

A Dishwasher on a Budget

BPL D812S27A: Available for less than 30k, the BPL dishwasher still offers you a 12-place setting with adjustable racks, a half load feature, 8 wash programs while consuming just 10-liters of water for a full load (this one is a real bargain so don’t miss out).

Detailed Dishwasher Reviews in India

#1: Bosch 12-Place Dishwasher

If you have the budget and are looking for a dishwasher that is easy to use, washes a large number of dishes and highly durable, this Bosch checks every box there is. Know more about it below.

Top Features

The dishwasher is what we would describe as the ‘lazy man’s dishwasher’. That because it needs little of your attention when using the Auto Program.

From the temperature, water, washing detergent to even the amount of water and power needed, the dishwasher will figure it all for you based on the load. For this, the dishwasher uses specialized sensors.

Also, it does not even need a full load. With the half load program, you can be using the dishwasher even on days when the utensils are less.

Similarly, there is also a quick wash program for the lightly soiled dishes and works its magic in just an hour. All in all, there are a total of 6 programs that you can choose from.

By using this dishwasher, you also get to do your bit in protecting the environment since the dishwasher only needs 9.5-liters of water.

And in case you didn’t know, hand washing uses up around 50-60-liters in a day (yup, that is how much water you have been wasting).

Plus, it comes equipped with a special Eco Silence Drive Technology which ensures the dishwasher uses minimal power so the electricity bills burn a hole in your pocket.

There is also a Time Delay option that allows you to pre-set wash cycles so you never have to return home to a hoard of dirty utensils.

The dishwasher does not just clean the utensils it also makes protects you from bacteria and other germs that grow on dirty plates, cups, etc. How? By heating the water to 70-degrees.

Those heavily soiled dishes will also need a dash of extra drying. This why the dishwasher has an extra dry feature so the dishes can go directly into the cupboards and racks.

To keep children from playing with the settings, there is a child lock feature.

Also, it has a 12-place setting which means it fits in 12 plates, glasses, etc. And yup, there is ample room for the larger pots and pans as well (kiss goodbye to long hours of hand washing utensils).

The Downsides

One small drawback of this excellent dishwasher is its Polinox drum which needs regular cleaning as it holds on to odor, unlike stainless steel drums.

Also, it has a slightly higher noise level than other washers but nonetheless, you do not have to worry about it disturbing anybody’s sleep.


  • From plates, glasses to even pots and pans, the dishwasher can handle it all
  • With an auto program, water, temperature, soap, etc. needed is automatically decided as per the load
  • It can also be run on half load
  • It uses just 9.5-liter of water
  • The Eco Silence Drive Technology makes it energy efficient as well
  • Time delay feature lets you pre-set wash cycles in case you away for important work
  • You can also extra dry your dishes if need be
  • There are a total of 6 wash programs to choose from
  • It heats up water to 70-degrees to kill germs on plates and pans
  • It comes with a child lock feature


  • Sound levels could have been lower
  • The Polinox drum needs to be cleaned regularly

#2: Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Dishwasher

If you live in a large joint family and need a dishwasher that is bigger and better, the Faber FFSD is just what the doctor ordered for.

Top Features

First and foremost, as I mentioned above, it is bigger. Yup, the 14 place setting means there you can stuff in more plates, cups, bowls, etc. into the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

Not just that, you can also fit in a few large kadhai’s and pots as the height of the upper racks are adjustable while some racks can be folded.

For all the washing purposes, the dishwasher gives you a total of 8 wash programs. This includes a quick wash feature, intensive wash program and so on (in short, there is a mode for every situation).

But the one mode that impressed us the most is again the auto mode. Just hit the button and walk away. The washer will adjust the amount of water and time needed to get the job done efficiently.

You can even set this program to run while you are busy enjoying the latest Avenger’s movie or while you are out on a date thanks to the time delay feature.

Also, it will kill 99.9% of all germs that exist on your utensils with its in-built heater that can heat water to about 70-degrees.

Not all utensils are equally dirty so why waste so much water and time on them, right? Allowing you to set focus on particular utensils are the dual wash zones, upper or lower.

Do you find the plates and glasses wet even after the washing and drying are done? That is where extra drying feature comes in handy as it increases temperature further improving the health quotient of the dishes.

The dishwasher is also pretty energy efficient but more importantly, it also one of the most silent dishwashers in the Indian market at 44dB noise levels (you won’t even realize you have it running 😉 ).

Lastly, there is also a child lock feature for safe operation while the LED display gives you all the important info you need.

The Downsides

This is one of the most expensive dishwashers on the list as it can cost you over 40k


  • It can fit in more number of plates and glasses since it has a 14-place setting
  • You get 8 wash programs
  • Auto wash program makes the washing effortless as the washer sets time and water needed based on the load
  • Time delay lets schedule the washing program for the next 24 hours
  • Comes with adjustable and foldable racks for larger utensils
  • Heats up water to 70-degrees so all germs get killed as well
  • There is an Extra Dry feature useful in case of glasses and plastic
  • It is one of the most silent dishwashers on the list with a noise level of 44dB
  • It has an A++ energy efficiency rating


  • It will cost you over 40K

#3: BPL D812S27A 12-Place Dishwasher (Budget Pick)

If you are looking for a dishwasher slightly cheaper yet equally big and effective dishwasher, the BPL D812S27A is where your search ends.

Top features

Even though cheaper, the BPL gives you a mode for almost every type of cleaning with 8 wash programs. From a quick wash, intensive wash, eco mode to even soaking, there are no glassware or ceramic utensil this dishwasher won’t sparkle.

And that includes some of the bigger cookware as well since it is equipped with foldable racks and tines.

The dishwasher is also a more hygienic way of getting your utensils washed because its in-built heater increases temperature to 70-degrees killing all kinds of bacteria and other pathogens.

The dishwasher also has minimal effect on electricity and water bills even when used every day as it only consumes 10-liters of water on full-capacity.

But what if you cannot fill up the whole dishwasher? Do you leave it all for the next day? Absolutely not. With the half load function, only a section of the dishwasher comes into play, in turn, saving you time, water and electricity.

It also has a 48dB noise level which makes it ideal for home use. And helping you keep track of the settings, time remaining and wash mode is the bright and large LED Display which can be viewed even from a distance.

The Downsides

The dishwasher does not have a time delay function and thus is not as convenient to use as the Bosch or Faber dishwashers since it will need your presence to turn on.

Also, if you happen to use a lot of non-stick or aluminum utensils then the dishwasher may not be right for you as it not very efficient at cleaning those.


  • The 12-place setting allows you to wash tons of utensils at once
  • Allows to fit in few bigger utensils as well with adjustable rack height and tines
  • But you can even run it on half load when need be
  • This saves time, water and power
  • On a full load, the dishwasher uses just 10-liters of water
  • It also removes germs from the utensils by heating the water to 70-degrees
  • There are 8 wash programs
  • These modes include a quick wash, Eco mode to even an intensive wash mode
  • It produces noise less than 48dB and thus perfect for any household
  • The large and bright LED display lets you track washing settings, time remaining and other details


  • Does not clean non-stick on aluminum utensils with great efficiency
  • There is no time delay function

There is no question that the BPL dishwasher lacks certain fancy frills but with a price range of less than Rs. 30,000 it still makes for a bargain. After all, it still is efficient, durable and gets the job done pretty well.

#4: IFB Neptune VX (Dishwasher for Houses with Hard Water)

From their washing machines to even dishwashers that are ideal for use with hard water, IFB understands the Indian customers like none other. Find out more about their Neptune VX model below.

Top Features

Like I mentioned above, the best feature about this dishwasher is that it is tailor-made for households where hard water has been ruining your cookware. So how does it do it?

Well, it has a water softening device that treats hard water up to 60dH before it enters the dishwasher ensuring the utmost safety of both the dishwasher and the cookware.

But that isn’t the only awesome feature it comes with.

How about having your lightly soiled dishes cleaned in just 18-minutes (yes, I said 18-minutes)? That is how quickly the dishwasher can get the job done with the Quick Wash mode.

The IFB Neptune also features a time delay so the wash cycle can be set in advance. In addition to that, it even allows you to wash dishes with a half load.

Plus, to maintain health the hygiene, the water is heated to 70-degrees (just like any high-end dishwasher should)

To ensure drying as efficient as its cleaning, the dishwasher has a Steam Dryer. This is dryer is powerful enough to give you spotless, dry utensils in minutes that do not need to be wiped and are ready to be put away immediately.

It also requires a mere 9-liter of water for a full load and consumes just 0.9kw/h which makes it one of the most energy and water efficient dishwasher in the India market.

The racks also come with adjustable height so those taller pans and vessels fit in with ease. Plus, you can run the dishwasher with a half load as well.

And lastly, the noise levels are 49dB. So that means you can even let the dishwasher run in the middle of the night or early morning.

The Downsides

Durability is a small issue with this dishwasher especially if you take into account the longevity both the Faber and Bosch dishwasher offer.

Also, IFB has a poor customer service team which means responses can often take ages and repairs and installation can be delayed (they will need the occasional reminder).


  • With a 12-place setting, the dishwasher is perfect for a family with 4-5 members
  • It has a water softening device which treats hard water up top 60dH for optimal washing
  • The 8 programs give you excellent versatility
  • Quick wash does the job in just 18-minutes
  • Requires just 9-liters of water
  • Consume little power at 0.9kw/h and product noise lower than 49dB
  • Uses warm water to ensure no germs survive the wash
  • The steam dryer is quite powerful and leaves not even a drop of water on the utensils
  • The racks are adjustable so you get more flexibility over the dishes it can fit is
  •  The half load feature lets you run the dishwasher with either a full upper or lower rack


  • Customer services can be better
  • The durability of the dishwasher is low when compared to LG or Bosch


Buying dishwasher is definitely not an easy decision because these can cost you over 25k to even 40k depending on the place setting and features.

Plus, some of these washers are load with features which you need to know about in order to make the most of your dishwasher. And that is just what our aim is with this buyer’s guide.

If you still have questions or doubts over which model to opt for, just write to us in the comments below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

You can also share your experience with dishwashers and whether you found it helpful or not.

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