Best DSLR Camera in India 2019 (Cameras Under 50K, 40K and 30K)

It does not matter if you are serious about pursuing a career in photography or just think of it as a style quotient (because who does not have a DSLR these days) I am sure you are not looking to spend big just yet, right?

Luckily, neither do you have to as there are excellent DSLR’s available for less than 50k but do you just purchase a camera based on price and megapixels? Don’t be kidding me.

There is a lot more that goes into buying the best DSLR in India for beginners and semi-professionals and in this guide, well tell you exactly what and review models for every budget and need.

Best DSLR in India Under 50,000 2019

Nikon D5600: For any mid-level photographer there is hardly a DSLR better than the Nikon D5600. With a 24.5Mp lens, 5 fps continuous shooting speed, a maximum ISO of 25600 and a 39-point autofocus system the camera is primed to deliver professional-grade images. Plus, with SnapBridge, sharing images or even backing them up becomes effortless.

 A DSLR Camera on a Budget ( For Beginners)

Canon EOS 1300D: What if I told you that you can get a DSLR for less than Rs 25,000. But it isn’t just the low price but also features like an 18X zoom, easy paring with mobile and sharing of images with the Canon Connect App, a 9-point autofocus system, 3s shooting speed and a decent ISO range of 12800 that make it such an exciting purchase for any beginner.

Detailed DSLR Reviews in India

#1: Nikon D5600 (Best DSLR Camera in India Under 50,000)

If you know the basic of using a DSLR camera and want to upgrade to a semi-professional one, it hardly gets any better than the Nikon D5600 and here’s why.

Images and Videos

First and foremost, the camera has a good ISO range of 100-25600. This guarantees you images with excellent clarity, colors, and tones even in the lowest of lights (you will hardly ever need the flash).

But a good ISO range is only half the story. This is why the camera is also equipped with a DX-format CMOS image sensor and the EXPEED 4 Image Processing System.

While the sensor manipulates the amount of light entering the lens, the EXPEED 4 is an excellent image processor. Together they ensure the 24.5MP Lens captures eye-popping details and keeps noise to bare minimum irrespective of the lighting.

Also, with this camera, you will never be too late to capture an intense or joyful moment. How? Thanks to the 5fps and also the 39-point autofocus system which locks on to people in an instant ensuring no blur in the photos.

You also get tons of different modes to play around with. These include night portrait, night landscape, auto flash, beach/snow, etc. (so you can bring out the creative you with just a few clicks).

Quality of the videos is top-notch as well since you the videos are shot in Full-HD and you have the freedom to shoot with your hands since it is equipped with VR Image Stabilization (no tripod? Well, don’t need one).

Also, it allows you to connect an external microphone to the camera so you get awesome sound quality eliminating the need to re-record sound separately.


When you talk about Nikon Camera, SnapBridge is likely to be the center of it as it makes sharing on the go just a click away.

All you need to do is pair your mobile with the camera using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC to keep your social media profiles lit up with your shenanigans.

And since it is a low energy Bluetooth connection, you do not have to worry about running around charging your mobile either.

Plus, this features gives you an automatic backup as well by uploading all your images to the Nikon Image Space.

More Features

The Vari-Angle 3.2-inch screen can be rotated so you can shoot high angle and low angle shots with great ease. And since it is touchscreen, adjusting settings, contrast, ISO etc. takes only minutes (seconds, once you get the hang of it all).

With a carbon-fiber composite build and weatherproofing, the camera sure does get a 10/10 on the durability front.

Plus, since the camera has a bumpy texture and weighs less than 500gms, handling it is easy peasy (even if you have sweaty hands).

The Downsides

A full-frame sensor would have been ideal but nonetheless, the current sensor performs well and helps cut down on price.

Also, you cannot record 4k videos.


  • Comes with a good ISO Range of 100-25600 for excellent low light images
  • It has a 24.5MP Lens which captures excellent details
  • You get a variety of modes for different situations like night vision etc.
  • It has a shooting speed of 5fps for instant shots
  • And a 39-point quick focus system so those shots do not get blurred
  • Supports an external microphone
  • It records videos in Full-HD and has a VR Image Stabilization for minimal shakes
  • SnapBridge makes sharing and backing up images easy
  • The Vari-angle 3.2 screen comes in handy when shooting low or high angle shots
  • It has a strong carbon fiber build and yet remains lightweight


  • Does not support 4k videos
  • A full-frame sensor would have been ideal

#2: Canon EOS 200D (Best DSLR Camera in India Under 40,000)

Where there are DSLRs on the show, a Canon is bound to show up. Wondering why? Check these features of the EOS 200D and you will exactly why they are one of the best.

Images and Videos

One advantage this camera has over the Nikon is that it gives you greater versatility when it comes to low light images. How?

With an ISO Range of 100-25600 which can be increased to a surprising 51200 when need be. So what about the noise that comes with it?

For that, this camera has the DIGIC 7 Image Processor which helps clear out a lot of the noise.

Furthermore, giving you good low light images and detailed daylight images are the APS-C Sensor and the 24.2MP lens.

This sensor is also perfect for creating to awesome professional-grade portrait shot where the background is blurred highlighting the subject’s face (just what a wedding photographer needs).

The 5fps shooting in tandem with the 9-point Auto Focus system will turn you into the candid photography king amongst your clients and friends.

The Canon goes toe-to-toe with Nikon on the video front as well with full-HD recording capability and Image Stabilization that helps avoid jerks and shakes making editing easier.

There are also 5 filters so you can throw in some drama into your shots (vintage or black & white, now let your creativity shine).


The EOS 200D can also be connected to your mobile via Bluetooth (yup, even this one is a low energy connection), Wi-Fi or NFC and takes mere seconds once paired.

The Camera Connect App not just makes sharing easy but will turn your mobile into a remote for the camera. So whether you want to adjust settings or even shoot group images, you can do it all with your smartphone.

Other Features

What really makes this camera ideal for beginners is the special Guided Menu Interface which will teach you all about the images with attractive graphics and images.

Hereto, this camera also has a bumpy texture for a strong grip and a lightweight build (450g) so you can carry the camera to your adventures with ease.

The 3-inch vari-angle display is handy and being touchscreen, getting the right settings, modes, etc. is hassle-free.

The Downsides

This camera also does give you the ability to shoot 4k videos which is common at this price range.

You also cannot connect an additional microphone which makes it difficult to shoot in noisy places.


  • It has an ISO Range of 25600 but can be increased to 51200 which is a major bonus in low light
  • The 24.2MP lens gives you details like none other in this price range
  • The APS-C sensor is perfect for blurred background portraits of the highest quality
  • To keep images noise-free the camera features a DIGIC 7 Processor
  • The 9-point autofocus and 5fps speed are good enough for clear instant shots
  • With the Guided Menu interface, you can learn to use the camera quickly
  • The HD Videos come out clear and less shaky with image stabilization
  • The Camera Connect App lets you remotely control the DSLR and share images quickly
  • It has a vari-angle 3-inch touchscreen display for utmost convenience while shooting
  • The alloy build is durable yet light making it easy to carry the camera anywhere


  • No 4k videos with this one either
  • It does not support external microphones

#3: Canon EOS 1300D (A DSLR Camera for Beginners)

Did you just recently discover your love for photography? Are you now hunting for a cheaper DSLR camera to kick-start your journey as a photographer? Once again, Canon has got you covered.

Images and Videos

For a low-costing camera, the ISO range of 100-6400 is pretty good. Not to forget, it can also be increased to 12800 so expect good low light images.

Also, especially because the DIGIC 4+ processor does an excellent job of keeping out noise as well.

With this camera, you get an APS-C CMOS Sensor which lets you experiment with those blurry background portraits that are a must for any photographer’s portfolio.

Another feature to admire of this low budget camera is its ability to shoot amazing videos. Yup, the full-HD videos pop with color and clarity any mobile camera or GoPro will have trouble capturing.

This is mainly down to the 18MP lens and though not the highest resolution, it certainly packs a punch. Plus, you get 18X zoom so you can capture far of objects with ease as well.


Connect the DSLR with your smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and the Canon Camera Connect App will make sharing every image you click a breeze.

And at the same time, let you operate the camera with your mobile which means you no longer will be left out the group images (the photographers, not anymore).

You can also instantly connect with HDTV services such as Irista or even have your photos printed while you enjoy a cup of coffee and browse through them.

The 9-point autofocus as expected performs really well especially well and locks on to subjects in a jiffy.

And since it has a 3-second continuous shooting speed, it makes for an excellent camera for travel bloggers and Vloggers as you can shoot while on the move (car, bus, train or the flight, now shoot images without the worry of blur destroying them).

Modes you will love

Let your creativity be the talking point of your images with modes such as the miniature mode of the toy camera mode.

And when you have tons of videos and images, let nostalgia hit you with Video Snapshot Mode that creates a small every memory you have created thus far.

Also, if you have never handled a DSLR before, just relax. The intuitive Guide will get you accustomed to the settings, modes and other important features so you will be handling the camera like any pro within a matter of days.

You can also store the images in RAW which gives you unmatched control over the post-processing (color correcting and adding effects just got a whole lot easier).

The build of the camera is pretty impressive as well and since it weighs less than 500g, feel free to carry in your backpack or even have hung around the neck for instant use.

Lastly, if you are not yet comfortable using the ViewFinder, you can even switch to the 3-inch LCD screen.

The Downsides

When shooting videos make sure you use a tripod because there is no image stabilization so shakes and jerks are common when shot with hand.

Also, you cannot shoot videos in 4k or attach an external microphone


  • ISO can be expanded to 12800 for good low light images
  • The DIGIC 4+ reduces noise in images clicked at a higher ISO
  • The APS-C CMOS Sensor lets you play around with shallow depth of field
  • It has an 18X zoom so you can capture distant objects
  • The 9-point focus and 3-second shooting speed make it the ideal camera for new travelers
  • Comes with various playful modes like Toy Camera mode, Video Snapshot, etc.
  • The intuitive Guide makes it easy to understand using the camera
  • Connect with mobile using Smart Connect App via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for quick sharing
  • Gives you remote access to the camera as well
  • Stores images in RAW format for better post-processing
  • It is lightweight and strongly constructed and will last you years
  • Toggle between ViewFinder and 3-inch LCD Screen for easy viewing


  • No room for an external microphone which is a big miss
  • Does not support 4k videos
  • Videos can be jerky as there is no image stabilization


Irrespective of whether you want to start your Photography Portfolio or step up to the next level, you can easily get a DSLR Camera in India.

And we are sure that with this buyer’s guide you will be able to find the right pick based on your budget and experience. After all, buying a DSLR is like picking a camera in the olden days.

If you have used a different DSLR, do share your experience with the readers in the comment section below.

You can also contact our team of experts regarding any questions about DSLRs and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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