Best Inverter AC in India 2019 (Efficient Yet Effective AC’s)

Well, it is not even summers yet and it already feels like you are the cake that is about to baked. And while cooler and fans are helpful, their usage is limited especially during monsoons. So how do you beat the heat? Simple, just get the best inverter AC in India.

Why an inverter AC? So that you can run your air conditioners all day long without the electricity bills wanting you to kill yourself. Plus, they are also very silent and will stick by you through many a summers.

So here are the top 5 picks you should consider in 2019.

Best Inverter AC in India 2019

LG KS-Q18YNZA: Not only is it a 5-star rated AC, it unlike other inverter air conditioners on the list this one has dual inverters giving you unmatched durability and savings on electricity. Plus, it also comes with multiple modes like for Monsoons while Himalaya Cool Technology takes just minutes to cool a room of 150-200sq. ft. (you do not want to miss out on this one).

An Inverter AC on a Budget

Voltas DZU: While under Rs. 30,000 the AC has plenty of power to cool even at 52-degrees and modes that will make monsoons easy to bear. Plus, the 2-stage filteration keeps air fresh while the dual compressors save on energy and provide steady cooling by manipulating air flow as per the temperature in the room.

Detailed Inverter AC Reviews for 2019

#1: LG KS-Q18YNZA 5-star Inverter AC (Best 1.5 Ton inverter AC in India)

LG is hands down one of India’s best air conditioner brands and if you are wondering why this review of the KS-Q18YNZA will tell you just why.

Top Features

If you are living in states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Nagpur, etc. you would agree that during winters turning the AC off is just not an option, right? So how do you curtail the electricity bills?

Simple, just get a 5-star inverter AC. The 5-star BEE Rating means the AC consumes just about 900 units of power for every 1600 hours it is run for which is way lower than 3 or 4-star rated AC or worse a non-rated AC.

Apart from that, the AC also has a copper condenser which further keeps energy usage to minimal and will also give you years of uninterrupted service with minimal maintenance.

But more importantly, they provide better cooling than aluminum conductors since they have a higher heat transfer coefficient.

And to protect the condenser it has a gold coating which is better at defrosting than the standard Blue Fin coating.

Furthermore, just hit the Energy Saving button on the fan to activate the Active Energy Control.

This reduces the power consumption based on the number of people and activity level in the room (now save 50%-60% more energy with just 2-3 presses of a button).

To give you a cool room within a matter of minutes, the AC is equipped with the Himalaya Cool Technology which increases cooling via its 2x faster vertical swing.

Similarly, don’t worry about turning into a sweaty mess during the monsoons.

With the special monsoon mode, the AC maintains the perfect amount of cooling and moisture needed to keep you cool and cozy (summer season just got a whole lot easier).

Cleaning the AC is also super quick and AC and guess what, you do not have to do a thing. With the press of the Auto Clean button and the AC will itself take care of bacteria and mold by drying out the heat exchanger.

LG has also removed any guesswork when it comes to refrigerant levels with a Low Refrigerant Detector that notifies you when the AC is running on low.

Plus, there is also a smart diagnosis system which lets you detect up to 80 problems using your mobile. Also, like most things in life even AC’s like this one are going wireless thanks to the in-built stabilizer.

The AC does not just give you cool air but also fresher air since it comes with a 3M filter that can remove both pollutants and allergens from the air.

Lastly, the AC uses the R32 refrigerant which is an eco-friendlier choice when compared to the R410A that cheaper air conditioners use (so you get to do your bit for the environment as well).

The Downsides

One feature we were quite surprised to see missing was the mosquito away technology since it is a high-end air conditioner.

Also, the AC is on the expensive side but with feature like that, it is worth the cost.


  • Comes with dual inverters that make the AC energy efficient and silent like none other
  • It has a 5-star BEE rating
  • Copper condenser is durable, better at cooling and needs less maintenance than aluminum condensers
  • The gold coating prevents corrosion and increases defrosting speed
  • The active energy control reduces energy usage based on the number of people and activity level
  • Monsoon mode helps maintain coolness and moisture levels in the house
  • All mold and mildew can be easily removed with the auto clean mode
  • The Himalaya Cool Technology gives you a cool room within minutes
  • You get notified when the AC is low on refrigerant
  • The R32 refrigerant is very eco-friendly
  • The 3M filter removes dust and allergens
  • Smart Diagnosis helps detect up to 80 problems with mobile


  • It has a premium price tag
  • Does not come with the mosquito away technology

#2: Godrej GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG (Best 1 Ton Inverter AC in India

If you are looking for an AC to cool a smaller, compact room, this 1-ton Godrej AC is everything you could have asked for and here’s why we think so

Top Features

First and foremost, it has a 5-star BEE rating which means it consumes lesser energy than 1-star 3 or 4-star AC saving you big time on the electricity bills

But the standout feature of the AC has to be its Intelligent Air Throw Mode which automatically detects the temperature of the room and adjusts the air flow. This helps to avoid dryness and excessive cooling that comes by a constantly running AC.

The alloy coils may not be a match for copper coils in terms of durability and performance but nevertheless are a cheaper alternative. This the AC a more affordable unit.

And since they have a Nano Coating the coils do not rust easily. Plus, since it has a parallel flow, it encourages better refrigerant flow for more effective cooling.

With the Dry mode, the AC performs exactly like a dehumidifier and rids the room of excessive moisture (especially helpful during the monsoons).

Not just moisture, the AC is also capable of removing smaller dust particles and allergy causing pollens with its silver ion filter. This makes any room ideal for people with Asthma and other breathing disorders.

There is also an auto clean/blow feature where the fan continues to run for about 2-minutes even after the AC is turned off.  But how does that help? By keeping the evaporator dry so no mold or mildew make it their breeding spot.

You can also turn to the sleep mode which not only saves you power but automatically takes necessary steps to ensure that does not come by compromising on the coolness.

Lastly, the use of the R290 refrigerant makes this one of the eco-friendliest AC’s you will come across in the tonnage.

The R290 refrigerant has a global warning count of mere 3 and has zero impact of ozone depletion (the ice caps are melting and its time we took it damn seriously).

It also has an in-built stabilizer which eliminates the need to buy a stabilizer saving you a few thousand bucks.

The Downsides

Being a 1-ton AC it is only suitable for smaller rooms.

Also, the AC uses alloy condenser coils. Yup, they help to lower the cost and perform well enough but are no match to the comfort and durability copper coils provide.

Complaints about poor installation by the Godrej personnel are common so make sure you keep an eye and give it a thorough check.


  • Comes with a 5-star BEE Rating so have no doubts about its energy efficiency
  • The Intelligent Air Throw Mode lowers air flow as per temperature to prevent excessive cooling
  • The Dry Mode lower moisture levels in the air
  • With Nano coating on the condenser coils, they are protected from rust
  • The use of alloy condenser coils lowers the cost
  • The silver ion filter removes dust and pollen particles from the air
  • Auto clean mode removes excess water from the evaporator to prevent mold growth
  • Uses the eco-friendliest refrigerant in the form of the R290


  • There are multiple complaints about poor installation
  • Suits only small rooms due to lower tonnage
  • Copper condenser coils would have been ideal

#3: Voltas DZU 1-Ton Split AC (Budget Inverter AC)

Need a low costing split AC? At less than Rs. 30,000, this 1-ton AC sure is packed with features designed to impress (no wonder it is an Amazon best-seller).

Top Features

The one advantage this AC has over the Godrej 1-ton AC, apart from its lower cost is that Voltas has used copper material or the condenser coils.

And as you already know, copper coils last you longer and also cool faster than any other AC condenser material. Plus, they hardly need any maintenance as they are well protected from rust with the Blue fin coating.

But what really stands out about the compressor is the two-stage operation of the compressor.

This means that the compressor runs at two capacities medium and high depending on the temperature. This not only gives you a steady cooling so your room does not experience any temperature shocks and also saves on energy.

These features give the AC ample power to cool any small to medium room within minutes even at temperatures as high as 52-degrees.

With the Active Dehumidifier mode, the AC creates a comfortable environment tailor-made of the sticky, sweaty monsoon season

It also gives you a stabilizer-free operation. This saves you on additional expenses while protecting the AC motor from any fluctuations.

It also comes with a multi-stage filteration process that includes an anti-bacterial filter and a dust filter.

So the air in your room does not just have the right coolness and moisture but also more breathable (just what the doctor ordered for inhabitants that suffer from breathing issues).

Ensuring the cold air reaches to each and every corner of the room is the 4-way auto louver. Diagnosing problems with the AC is also quite easy since it will automatically display an error message.

The little cons

Well, to begin with, the AC has a 3-star BEE Rating which means it consumes more electricity than a 4-star or 5-star AC but definitely outperforms non-inverter Ac’s.

Also, the Voltas has used the R410 refrigerant that does not have any impact on the ozone layer depletion but has a really high global warming count.


  • It is one of the most pocket-friendly inverter AC’s in the Indian market
  • The two-stage compressor increases savings and provides steady cooling
  • Copper coils are very durable and provide faster cooling
  • Blue fin coating prevents them from rusting
  • High Ambient mode provides effective cooling even at 52-degrees
  • The Active Dehumidifier mode kills excessive moisture in the air
  • The air is also free of bacteria and dust with the 2-stage filteration process
  • In-built stabilizer saves money and protects AC from fluctuations
  • The 4-way louver spreads air to every inch of the room
  • Self-diagnosis system displays an error message if there is a problem with the AC


  • The R410 refrigerant has a high global warming count
  • Not as energy efficient as a 5-star or 4-star inverter AC

#4: Carrier 1.5 Ton Split Inverter A

If there is one AC that can go toe to toe with the LG KS-Q18YNZA, it is this Carrier 1.5-ton AC making it one of the best new launches for 2019. Read more about it below.

Top Features

With a 1.5 tonnage, the AC effectively works in any room sized between 150-200sq.ft (living rooms or bedroom, the AC is perfect for them all).

But that high tonnage does not mean the electricity bills are going to make sweat. How do we know? Because the AC has a 5-star BEE rating which is all the guarantee you need when it comes to energy saving (don’t forget, we are talking about inverter AC’s here as well).

Also, if you want to get on the eco-friendly bandwagon, here is your chance. With the R32 refrigerant, the AC has little to no impact on global warming and ozone depletion (now save the environment without compromising on cooling).

And just as you would expect from any high-end air conditioner, copper coils will not only save power but also provide improved cooling while lasting you for years.

Maintaining them is also easy peasy since they hardly need any maintenance. And corrosion won’t play spoilsport with your AC either as it has a special Blue Fin coating for the same.

It comes with a dust filter and if you thought that is impressive, there is also a pm 2.5-micron filter that cleans air of particles and allergens that even your eyes cannot see.

There are multiple modes such as the Free Running Mode (efficiently cools even at 55-degrees) or the 50% Mode (uses 50% less energy) that are designed to tackle any type of weather conditions.

And if you are not happy with the gives modes, you also the power to set a custom mode.

The AC can handle fluctuations with its in-built stabilizer so the motor does not get damaged easily adding to the overall durability.

Lastly, with the refrigerant low indicator, you get ample time to top it up beforehand. It will also notify you of any leaks so none of it is ever waster (after all, refilling costs money as well).

The Downsides

The only real drawback of this AC is that it has a hefty price tag. It is definitely worth the money though.


  • Perfect Ac for a 150-200sq. ft. room
  • It has a 5-star BEE rating so you can rest assure it is energy efficient
  • The R32 refrigerant does not deplete the ozone layer or increase global warming
  • Copper coils are durable, faster, efficient and also low maintenance
  • Blue Fin coating keeps them from rusting
  • The dust filter in tandem with the pm 2.5 micro filter clears the smallest of allergens and dust
  • Capable of cooling rooms quickly even at 55-degrees
  • Allows you to set a custom made
  • Does not require an additional stabilizer
  • The low refrigerant indicator lets you fill up in time
  • It will also notify you of any leaks


  • The big features come with a big price tag


As you have already read above, Inverter AC are really put ‘The Air Conditioner’s’ for any home since they offer the best saving on electricity and always are the most silent.

And hopefully, with our guide, finding the right inverter AC for based on your needs and budget is now a breeze.

This technology has revolutionized not just air conditioners but also fridges and washing machines. So do not spend the summers sweating out with fans and coolers, get an AC TODAY.

In case you have any questions regarding inverter AC’s don’t forget to drop it in the comments section below or write to us directly using the contact form.

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