Best Mattress in India 2019 (Top Picks and Detailed Reviews)

If there is one thing after a hectic that there is simply no compromising with it is a good night’s sleep. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of good health with a minimum sleep of 7-8 hours being a must for everyone.

But can you comfortably sleep for 8-hours if you do not have a good mattress? A good mattress is everything to a good sleep so if you find your mattress overly hard or too sinking, its time for an upgrade.

And with this guide, we will make finding the best mattress in India for every need and budget hassle-free. Whether you have backaches, are overweight or a side sleeper there is a mattress for everyone.

Best Mattress in India 2019

Sleepy Cat Memory Foam Mattress: If comfort if priority to you, this is hands down the best out there. With an ability to conform to your body shape, it will keep away pain from joints, allow you to sleep in any position you like and not let your partner’s movements give you a jolting wake up.

A Mattress for Budget Buyers

WakeFit Orthopaedic: While slightly shorter than the Sleepy Cat Mattress, the WakeFit Orthopedic is just as effective and thus ideal for people with back aches. And to top it all of, you get a memory foam mattress for less than Rs. 10,000 which trust me, is a bargain all day long.

Detailed Mattress Reviews for 2019

#1: Sleepy Cat 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress (Best Mattress in India for Back Pain)

Whether it is because of back pain that you need a mattress or just your lust for a comfortable sleep, either way, with the Sleepy Cat Memory Foam Mattress you just cannot go wrong.

Top Features

First and foremost, what makes any memory foam mattress so comfortable is the memory foam gel on top like the 2-inch gel Sleepy Cat comes with.

The main benefit of this gel is that it conforms to your body. This is particularly helpful if you suffer from back pain because the contouring perfectly aligns your spine and neck.

Similarly, it alleviates pressure from other joints as well such as the ankle, neck, elbows, etc. further relieving them from pain as well.

Furthermore, this also makes the mattress ideal for any kind of sleeper (back or side, the mattress ensures you sleep like a baby all night long).

Also, does your partner’s movement at night makes you really want to kill them? Well, take the easier and more loving way out, get a memory foam mattress.

Yup, the contouring restricts movement to a limited area by absorbing most of it so you do not get bounced around or jolted (not the most pleasant of ways to wake up, right?).

There is also a 6-inch foam base below the gel with a medium-firm thickness which is often the recommended thickness by doctors for people struggling with back aches.

That is because you neither completely sink in nor is it too hard on the joints further supporting proper alignment.

But that is not all, this foam also increases the longevity of the mattress since it provides a solid base (this baby will last your years to come).

The mattress will also keep you warm and fuzzy in the winter season with its improved heat retention ability.

Also, maintaining the mattress is hassle-free since it comes with a smart zipper cover which can be removed and put back in minutes. And since it is machine washable any spills or stains can be cleaned effortlessly.

There is also ample space between the mattress cells which improve airflow so your mattress smells and feels fresh.

Further adding to the health quotient of the mattress is the use of non-toxic materials all around. From the glue used to keep foam layers together to the gel, it is all 100% natural making it the ideal mattress for the elderly and little ones as well.

Don’t believe us? The Certi-Pur-US certificate is all the proof you need.

And even after reading all the features, you still aren’t impressed, Sleepy Cat also gives you a 30-day trial with a 100% refund (trust me, you won’t be asking your money back though).

The Downsides

Well, with premium benefits, it is no surprise that most memory foam mattresses are on the expensive side.

Also, a 4-inch gel foal would have been even better but nonetheless, the 2-inch foam is exceptionally comfortable.


  • It contours to the body giving you unmatched comfort with its snug fit
  • It lowers pressure on fragile joints like ankles, neck, etc. reducing pain
  • It also lowers back pain by perfectly aligning your neck and spin
  • Suited for all types of sleepers and even couples
  • That is because it restricts movement thus leading to less disturbance
  • The 6-inch medium-firm foam base is also perfect for those with back pain
  • It also gives the gel a firmer base for added durability
  • Better heat retention keeps you warmer in winters
  • Comes with a Certi-Pur-US certificate which means it is 100% toxi-free
  • The gap between foam cells encourage airflow removing body odor
  • Smart zipper cover is easy to remove and wash
  • You can get a 30-day trial with 100% money back guarantee


  • A 4-inch foal gel would have been even better
  • It comes with a premium price tag

#2: Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress (Best Foam Mattress in India)

As the name suggests, Wake-Fit is a Dual comfort mattress which makes it one of a kind. Confused? Here’s what ‘dual comfort’ means.

Top Features

Dual comfort basically means that both the sides of the mattress offer a different firmness which makes it one of the most versatile mattresses in the market.

One side has a medium-soft firmness which makes it ideal for anyone with niggling back issues as it contours pretty well keeping the spine aligned correctly. It is also a great match for side sleepers as it goes easy on the joints and lightweight users.

The other side has a medium-firm firmness. For people who love to sleep on their stomach, back or are heavy, this is the side you would be advised to sleep on.

But that is not all. In case you did not know, weather too has a major bearing on the buying decision especially if you live in states where weather can vary.

That is because the softer side has a larger cell size which increases airflow, in turn, keeping you cooler in summers.

On the other hand, the firmer side has better heat retention capabilities giving you a cozier sleep in the winters.

But comfort alone does not cut it. Mattresses are big investments and you only get your money’s worth if they last you long. This is why the WakeFit mattress comes equipped with high-density foam base which guarantees you years of comfortable sleep

Furthermore, protecting the mattress from spills and dirt are the dual covers. The inner cover is of pure cotton whereas the outer cover is made using knitted cotton.

The outer cover has a zipper so removing it and putting it back takes only minutes. Also, it can be simply thrown into the machine for a quick wash.

The Downside

The height of the mattress is just 5-inches which means it will have to be placed on a higher skeleton for better comfort.

Also, the harder side could have been a little firmer in it sinks even lesser and can better support even the heaviest of users.

And lastly, it is not as comfortable as a memory foam mattress. But yet makes for an excellent buy as it offers you the best of both worlds and provides ample comfort to a normal person with light back or neck pain.


  • Offers excellent versatility to the users with a different firmness on each side
  • The soft side is ideal for light users with back pain or side sleepers
  • It also keeps you cooler in summers since it has larger cell gaps
  • The firmer side is ideal for larger people or back and stomach sleepers
  • Its better heat retention makes it suitable for winter seasons
  • The high-density foam gives it excellent durability so it lasts you for many years
  • The outer cover keeps the mattress from getting dirty
  • With a zipper, removing it and putting it back on is a breeze
  • Washing it is easy as well since it is machine washable


  • The 5-inch height is smaller than recommended
  • A firmer hard side would have been ideal
  • Not as comfortable as a memory foam

#3: WakeFit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress (Value for Money Pick)

Did you know you don’t always have to pay the big bucks to get a comfortable mattress? Am I am not talking about an ordinary coir mattress but rather a memory foam mattress than you can grab for less than Rs. 10,000. Here’s more about.

Top Features

If the word Orthopaedic in the name didn’t give it away, it means that mattress has especially been designed keeping in mind people with back aches and pain in other joints.

To help you deal with these pains, the mattress relieves any kind of pressure on the joints with its medium softness memory foam that perfectly conforms to the body. This, in turn, gives equal support throughout the body.

Plus, when sleeping on memory foam mattresses you are most likely to sleep in one position for 4-5 hours (because that is how comfortable they are) so your spine remains aligned.

And when you do decide to shift positions, do not worry about waking up your partner or kids since memory foams restrict the transfer of movement.

Helping maintain hygiene by prevents odor or even mold build up and also keeping body temperature at optimum levels for a comfortable sleep are the larger cells of the foam that allow for better airflow.

Even for a cheaper mattress, the WakeFit Orthopedic does not disappoint on the durability front with a high-density foam just like the Sleepy Cat Mattress.

No wonder this mattress comes with a whopping 20-year warranty (probably the most you will ever find). Do you have doubts over the mattress?


And lastly, the mattress weighs just about 8-10kgs and thus is easy to move around when needed. This is also an added bonus if you live on rent and need to move every 2-3 years.

The Downsides

Personally, I prefer my mattress to be higher than 5-inches but that should be a huge issue as you can easily place it on a higher bed frame.

Also, the mattress does not have a Certi-Pur-US certificate. While there is no suggestion of any use of toxic materials, a certificate sure does put to bed any fears.


  • It does an amazing job of relieving back pain by aligning your spine correctly
  • It also supports every joint of the body equally further relieving the joints of any pressure
  • A comfortable sleep means movement on the mattress is less
  • The little movement made does not transfer enough to disturb anyone sleeping next to you
  • Comes with the ideal amount of firmness and softness so you can sleep in any position
  • The high-density foam gives the mattress excellent durability
  • You can opt for a 100-day trial and a 100% refund in case you not happy
  • It weighs just 8-10kgs and thus easy to move around
  • You get a 20-year warranty with this mattress
  • Larger cells of the foam increase air flow preventing odor build up or even mold
  • These also help maintain the right temperature so you do not sweat in summers


  • The height of the mattress is only 5-inches
  • It does not come with the Certi-Pur-US certificate

A Final Say

A mattress has the potential to make or break your sleep this is why it is important that you invest in a high-end mattress. Remember, investing in a mattress means investing in your health as well.

And through this guide, you will be able to find the right mattress to spend on. One that suits your body types, sleeping position, and your medical issues.

So what do you think about our top picks? Think we missed on on something? Or do you have a question about mattresses? Either way, do drop in a comment and our team will get back to you ASA

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