Best Mixer Grinder in India 2019 (An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide)

Do you find it expensive to buy packed masalas? Or do you not find them flavourful enough? But then who has time to grind these masalas all day long, right?

So what if I was to tell you, it only takes seconds to grind your most-used masalas like turmeric etc.? Not just that, some of these mixer grinders will even give you fresh juices and shakes.

Yup, all you need is the best mixer grinder in India. And no you do not have to go out on a mixer hunt because we have got one that fits every budget and need right here is this buyer’s guide.

Best Mixer Grinder in India 2019

Preethi Zodiac MG 218: From juicing fruits, wet and dry grinding like a pro, kneading dough in minutes to even juicing fruits and coconut milk etc. this Preethi Mixer Grinder has an attachment and jar for everything and anything and is built to last.

A Mixer Grinder on a Budget

Prestige Iris: With a powerful 750-watt motor 3-speed settings and a pulse button, the Iris gives you good speed and efficiency for grinding and chopping. There are 3n durable stainless steel jars for wet and dry grinding and a juicer jar that gives you a decent yield and low-pulp juices.

Detailed Mixer Grinder Reviews for 2019

#1: Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder (Best Mixer Grinder 750 watts in India)

If you are in the market for the absolute best model, this Preethi Zodiac is going leave you in awe of it with its versatility and power. Read all about it below.

Grinding at its best

India cooking is full of masalas that need grinding and this why I am sure you like it all done in an instant, right? This is where the 750W motor steals the show.

It gives the mixer ample power to mixer to knead to dough in just 2 minutes or even grind turmeric in under 60-seconds (now that is a mixer grinder we call, lightening quick).

For all this grinding, you can use the 2.1-liter Master Chef jar which can knead 300gms of Atta with its special dough attachment and measuring cup.

Similarly, you also get a Citrus Attachment so you can prep lime juice on a hot sunny say with ease.

And the chopper and grater attachment is ideal for finely sliced vegetables or even mincing meat.

Chutneys make Samosas and vadas mouthwatering and the 0.5-liter jar is ideal for just that while the 1.5-liter jar gives you perfectly fine idli and dosa batter in minutes.

You change the speed as per your needs as there 3-speed settings or simply use the pulse settings for a quick chop of the vegetables.

It is a great juicer as well

Thanks to the 3-in-1 Juicer Jar which has a Centrifugal Juicer Attachment making juices takes only a few minutes.

The Super Extractor attachment gives you the power to extract tamarind essence, coconut milk and so on right in your kitchens

And for the fitness freaks, get your protein shake blended up in seconds with the Blender Attachment.


The stainless steel blades are corrosion-resistant so you can easily rinse then with water to clean them up. Just like the blades, the ABS Plastic body is also rust-proof and built to last for many years. It is also shockproof for safe use.

The vacuum footings at the bottom stabilize the mixer grinder on the countertop and prevent any spillage even at the highest speed.

And don’t worry about the maid ruining your new mixer by overloading it as the motor automatically trips when overloaded and only begins once you reset it manually.

Warranty: 5-year warranty on motor and 2-years on the product

The Downsides

For a premium mixer grinder, you will have to pay a premium price tag but trust me, it does not disappoint and is worth its price tag.


  • The 750W motor is powerful enough to grind, chop and even juice quickly
  • The 3-speed settings and pulse button give you the ultimate control over the grinding, chopping etc.
  • With the 2.1-liter jar, you can grate, grind, chop, knead dough,
  • The 0.5-liter jar is all you will need for sauces and dips
  • And for batter grinding, you have the 1.5-liter wet grinding jar
  • The 3-in-1 juicer jar makes it easy to juicer your favorite fruits like apples etc.
  • Use its Super Extractor attachment to extract coconut milk or blender attachment for everyday shakes and Lassi.
  • Stainless steel blades and ABS plastic body are rust-proof and durable
  • Overload protector ensure safety of the motor


  • It comes with a premium price tag

#2: Sujata Powermatic Plus (Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India)

Next up, comes the Sujata Powermatic Plus, a power juicer mixer grinder from one of the most popular brands in India for mixer grinders.

Top Features

Powering up this juicer mixer grinder is a 900-watt motor and with that much power it can run for 90-minutes at a stretch so can quickly get done with all your juicing, grinding needs. (no unwanted heating up with this one).

Hereto, you get 3-speeds and while the whip button makes easy work of chopping and slicing the vegetables.

Also, if you like me love to have minimal pulp in your juice, I have good news for you. There is a special honeycomb filter you get with the mixer grinder that gives you fine, low-pulp juices while maintaining the aroma with great efficiency.

You can make all your shakes and smoothies in the 1.75-liter blender jar while the smaller 1-liter jar is ideal for both wet and dry grinding (masalas or batter, it can grind it all very efficiently).

There is also a smaller 400ml jar that will whip you up some awesome chutneys and sauces so you can enjoy evening snacks with your family to the fullest.


Once again, with an ABS body and stainless steel blades, the juicer mixer grinder is primed for long-lasting operation.

The double ball bearing on the motor furthermore play an important role in extending its durability while cutting down on the noise.

And lastly, vacuum footings ensure the mixer does not topple over at full speed due to the vibrations.

The downsides

There is no option to mince meat with this mixer grinder which is a disappointment since it is a fairly expensive model.

Cleaning it is also not the easiest of tasks since all the pulp from the juices tends to splatter around the grinder.


  • Motor is pretty powerful at 900-watts thus quick
  • Allows you uninterrupted operation for straight 90-minutes
  • There are 3-speed settings and a whip button for quick chopping of veggies
  • The honeycomb filter keeps juices low-pulp and retains the aroma
  • The 1.75-liter blender jar gives you perfect shakes
  • Chutneys can be grinded in the 400ml jar
  • For wet and dry grinding there is the 1-liter jar
  • The ABS body and stainless steel blades are very durable
  • Vacuum footing provide stability to the mixer grinder
  • Double ball bearings add to the durability of the motor and reduce noise


  • No attachment to mince meat
  • Not the easiest of grinder to clean

#3: Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder (Budget Pick)

Don’t have a huge budget? Well, not all good mixer grinders will cost you 6-8k. The Prestige Iris offers you some exceptional features at under Rs. 3000 and thus it being an Amazon best-seller is no surprise.

Top Features

For a cheaper mixer grinder, we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that is had a 750-watt motor which puts it at power with the Preethi Zodiac in terms of speed and power.

That means from ginger, garlic to even turmeric, there is nothing this mixer grind won’t grind for you.

There are 3 stainless steel jars that in tandem with the multi-purpose blades give the perfect chutneys, ground masalas and even fluffy batter for idli or dosa.

And while not common with budget mixer grinder, this one features a transparent juice jar as well which gives you pretty decent juices on the double.

The filter on the inside limits pulp and is easy to remove and clean without much scrubbing.


The jars have a stainless steel build which makes then very durable and also easy to wash. Similarly, the blades are also stainless and hence retain their sharpness for years to come as there is no chance of rusting.

The plastic used for the handles and body is quite sturdy and gives you a good grip you do not accidently drop the mixer when handling it with wet or sweaty hands.

Also, the mixer is very compact which makes it easy to put away when not in use and yet has a nice attractive white and blue design that blends in perfect well with any kitchen. Plus, it weighs just 2 kgs.

The polycarbonate caps of the jars do a good jo of reducing spillage and further supporting that are the vacuums foots that reduce vibrations.

With an overload protector, the motor is well-protected from malfunctioning due to a heavy (saving you a few bucks on repair costs).

The Downsides

Well, the juicing ability is of the mixer grinder no match to the Preethi Zodiac or Sujata Powermatic as the yield is lower though good enough for a cheap mixer.

It also lacks durability. From the buttons to the motor, they are all prone to failure with regular use.

It is also quite noisy when running at full speed.


  • Comes with a powerful 750W motor rarely seen in cheaper mixer
  • This gives it excellent speed and efficiency at grinding and mixing
  • There are multiple jars that can be used for wet and dry grinding of batter, chutneys and masalas
  • The juicer jar gives you decent juices with a special filter that is easy to remove and clean
  • Stainless steel blades and jars will give you years of excellent service as they are rust-proof
  • The plastic handles and body are sturdy
  • The compact and low weight design make it easy to store the mixer
  • It comes with vacuum footing for added stability at high speeds
  • Overload protector prevents damage to the motor due to overloading


  • It can be noisy at full speed
  • Not the most efficient of juicers
  • Motor and buttons lack durability if used very often

#4: Panasonic MX-AC400

This Panasonic model is another high-end mixer grinder with tons of features that will leave you impressed and comes with Panasonic’s reliability and guarantee.

Top Features

A slow 550W motor but more importantly, an efficient one that apart from the regular chopping and grinding is also capable of beating eggs and mincing meat.

This mixer grinder is also equipped with 3-speeds and pulse button so get precise levels of chopping and grinding.

The 1.5-liter juice jar is made of polycarbonate but what really stands out about it is the filter. With this filter, is isn’t just low-pulp fruit juices that you can enjoy but also extract coconut or soya milk etc.

There is also a 1.5-liter stainless steel jar that is perfect for grinding large amounts of dosa, idli or even vada batter. The batter comes with with great consistency and fluffiness so you can serve some mouthwatering breakfast to kick-off the weekend.

And if you are an avid coffee lover, this 1.1liter mill jar is a blessing in disguise. That is because it eliminates the need for a separate coffee grinder and gives you perfectly ground coffee in seconds.

And if you need a good chutney or sauce, use the 400ml jar for it. All these jars have flow breakers on the inside that ensure the ingredients mix well and have the right consistency.


Once again, stainless steel material provides the jars and blades with excellent durability while the ABS plastic body can handle the lights bumps without dents or bending.

But what really amps up the motors durability is the self-lubricating blade shaft that protects motor against CO2 emissions

There are also vacuum footings for stability and an overload protector but one eye-catching safety feature is the dual sage mechanism.

This means the mixer grinder does not start until and unless each jar and lid are properly installed making it safe to use even for the kiddos in the house or the maids.

The Downsides

As you already know, the speed of the mixer is slightly slower so fine grinding may take longer.

Secondly, for first-time users the locking mechanism can be puzzling (something you will start to get right with regular use.


  • You get 3-speeds and a pulse function which give you full control over the mixer
  • The 1.5-liter juice jar comes with a special filter that not just juices efficiently but also extracts soya milk, coconut milk etc.
  • The 1.5-liter stainless steel jar is perfect for wet and dry grinding
  • For chutney and sauces you get a 400ml jar
  • You can also grind coffee using the 1.1-liter mill jar
  • Stainless steel blade and jars and ABS Plastic body do not corrode
  • A self-lubricating blade shaft and overload protector increase motor longevity
  • Dual-safe mechanism provides utmost safety to the user


  • The motor is only 550W and thus slightly slower
  • The locking mechanism will take time to get used to

#5: Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder

Last on our list of the best mixer grinders in India is another model for the budget buyers and will cost you less than Rs. 2000. Find out its pros and cons below.

Top Features

With three jars that have razor sharp stainless steel blades attached at the bottom, the mixer is suited for both dry and wet grinding, chutney and even shakes and smoothies. The sizes of the jars are as follows

  • A 1.25-liter jar for batters, shakes and smoothies
  • A 0.8-liter jar for dry and wet grinding
  • A 0.5-liter jar for chutneys

The since the jars have flow breakers, all the ingredients mix up well which means the batters will be fluffly and chutneys and sauces smooth.

The pulse button and 3-speeds give you all the control you need over the mixing and grinding.


The compact and low weight build means the mixer can be left even in the counter as it does not take too much room and easily moved around when need be.

The anti-skid feet are integral parts so your mixer does not vibrate and slide as if it were possessed, in turn, damaging both the body and motor.

Blade and jar construction is up to expected standards due to use of stainless steel material that makes them rustproof.

And if you or the maid ever happen to overload the mixer, it simply won’t start thanks to the overload protection system that keeps the motor from any damage making it safer to use.

The downsides

A 500W motor is off course going to be slower than any other mixer on the list. It is also one of the reasons the mixer does not come with a juicing component which limits its use.

The mixer grinder is also quite noisy. Plus, the body is not very durable.


  • Comes with 3 jars of different sizes ideal for dry and wet grinding, shakes and chutneys
  • There 3-speeds and a pulse button
  • Its compact design means it fits even on the counter
  • Easy to move around if need be as it is light
  • Anti-skid feet prevent the mixer grinder from sliding
  • Overload protector keeps motor safe


  • The body is not very durable
  • It is the slowest mixer grinder on the list
  • Not suitable for fresh juices


For any working mother grinding masalas is by hand is a huge ask and the packed once just do not deliver the flavor punch that is going to leave everyone licking their fingers.

Solution? Get a mixer grinder and hopefully, with this buyer’s guide, we have made that task simpler for you irrespective of whether you needed one that is feature rich or a good budget model.

If you are currently using a mixer grinder that you are happy or disappointed with, do write to us in the comments section below.

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