Best Power Bank in India 2019 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

So you call up your gang and are all set to begin your gaming session but damn, suddenly the low battery notification pops up. And to make things even worse, you cannot even find a power outlet nearby. Sounds just like a nightmare, right?

Well, skip the hassle of needing to be close to a power outlet always even if you do not have a mobile with huge battery life and get yourself the best power bank in India today.

How? Well, we have all the top picks and an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you make the right buying decision.

Best Power Bank in India 2019

Mi 20,000mAH: Whether it is build or capacity, the Mi Power bank is premium at its very core. 9-layer protection gives it excellent durability while the two-way quick charge quickly charge both your smartphones and the power bank itself.

There is also a Mi 10,000mAH variant which has a similar build and conversion rate making it India’s best 10,000mAH power bank.

A Power Bank for Budget Buyers

Intex IT-PB11K: Need a power bank on the cheap? Available for around Rs. 600, this 10,000mAH Intex Power bank lets you charge 3 devices at a time and also features a torch for emergencies.

Detailed Power Bank Reviews

#1: Mi 20,000mAH Power bank (Best 20,000mAH Power Bank in India)

From making budgeted yet efficient smartphones to the devices that help charge them on the go, Mi has pretty much got it all and this power bank too is built to impress.

Charging Ability

You want a power bank that will give you multiple charges, right? This is why this Mi power bank delivers 13,000mAH so you can charge your mobile 4-5 times without any hassle.

Not just mobile, it can also keep your laptops and tablets up running. And with a double press of the power button activates the Low Voltage Mode so you can even charge your Smartwatch, Bluetooth Earphones etc.

The charging of your mobile will not take more than a couple of hours either thanks to the Quick Charge feature which works with one port. When charging using both ports, the 5.1A power supply is still comparatively quicker than other banks

Even your power bank gets charged i.e. in just 3-4 hours if you use a 18W cable which is pretty quick for a 20,000mAH power bank.


The build of the power bank is what make it an absolute standout. Why? Because it has this special 9-layer protection that will is like a guarantee of its longevity and efficient operation.

Here’s what we are talking about

Temperature Resistance: So you power bank does not heat up and continues to operate efficiently.

Short Circuit Protection: So even a short circuit does not ruin the battery or the circuit

Reset Mechanism: Resent the bank anytime with the power button

Input Overvoltage Protection: Protects the bank and your devices in case of any fluctuations.

Protection from Incorrect Insertion: Keeps devices protected even if the USB cable is not connected properly.

Protection from Output Overcurrent: During a current surge the power bank switches off by itself.

Output Overvoltage Protection: Switches off the power bank in case of voltage surge

Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge: Prevents overcharge or over discharge and thus battery life is extended

PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell: Since the batteries come with PTC protection prevents damage to battery in case of temperature or voltage increases.

There is an anti-slip pattern so the power bank does fall out of your hands even when wet or sweaty

While the PC+ABS build not only gives it an environment friendly build but also strength to handle the light bumps when you travel.

Warranty: 6-months


One of the few drawbacks with this model is that it offers quick-charge with only of the ports.

Secondly, the white color catches on the dust and dirt rather quickly and it is bulkier which means it won’t fit into your pocket.


  • Charges a standard mobile battery 4-5 times
  • Activate low voltage mode to charge smartwatches, Earphones etc.
  • One port usage allows for Quick Charging
  • The power bank itself take about 4-5 hours to charge fully which is very quick
  • Comes with 9-layer circuit protection for long-lasting functioning
  • The PC+ABS build is both durable and environment friendly
  • The pattern gives a good grip


  • Only a single port offers quick charge
  • Gets dirty rather quickly
  • Won’t fit in your pocket

#2: Mi 10,000mAH Power Bank (Best 10,000mAH Power Bank in India)

Obviously, it is another Mi Power bank and this is one that offers you the best value for money. Here is more about it.

Top Features

Very similar to the 20000mAH power bank as it also has a quick charging feature which allows faster charging of all devices and the power bank as well.

Though don’t forget about the 18W USB cable when charging the power bank for a fast charge.

This also has a special low voltage mode for earphones etc. while the 9-layers safety layers protects the batteries and the circuit from overheating, voltage and current fluctuations, etc.

So what’s different about this one?

Compared to other 10,000mAH power banks, this one offers one of the best conversion with a capacity of around 7,000mAH (that is more than 90%).

When it comes to build and design, this has an even sturdier build as aluminum is used for the construction (it can even take a slight fall without damage).

But ensuring that does not happen often is the arc design and the texture on the body which improve grip.

Plus, it is slightly more compact and light and can be carried in your pocket as well if that is how you like to carry your power bank.

Warranty: 6-months Manufacturers Warranty

The Downsides

The body of the power bank gets scratches quickly but covers can be helpful in this respect and obviously, it does not give as many charge cycles as a 20,000mAH power bank would.

Lastly, the smaller cable is a little annoying as it makes using the mobile uncomfortable while it is on charge.


  • Charge your devices and power bank quickly with the Fast Charge Features
  • You can charge multiple devices on the go with the dual quick charging ports
  • Aluminum body and textured coating ensure a highly durable build and strong grip
  • With 9-layer circuit protection, the power bank has durability hard to find in this price range
  • Its low weight build and compactness allow you to carry it in your pockets.


  • The body is easy to scratch
  • The small USB cable can be a pain

#3:  Intex IT-PB11K (Best Power Bank in India Under 1,000)

Isn’t it tought o find good power bank when you are on a really low budget? Think again, Intex has the solution for you with its PB11K Power Bank.

Top Features

The one feature we love most about this power bank is that it has 3 ports. So now, you can charge your smartphone, Smartwatch and your laptop all at the same time (literally zero waiting).

And the ports are tailor-made for exactly that as two ports offer an output of 5V/2A. This means the charging is quite fast while the third port which offers an output of 5V/1A is idea for the watches and earphones.

Also, with the input of 5V/2.1A, the charging of the power bank is faster than any other cheap power bank in the market.

And don’t worry about putting in your device into the wrong ports as the ports are clearly labelled

Another lovable feature of the power bank is the LED torch light. Believe it or not, if you are as big a travel junkie as the team here, you will be using that torch light more than expected (Did you forge to change the torch batteries? No problem).

It also has a pretty great conversion rate with a 6500mAH capacity which comes to about 80-85% conversion.

Lastly, it also ultralight and is available in 3 variants in case you do not like the plain white color (nobody likes their power bank getting dirty, right?).

Warranty: 6-months Manufacturers Warranty

The Downsides

One of the major problems with the power bank is that it discharges really quickly when compared to the other models on the list but luckily, charging time of the power bank is decent.

Also, there no special texture on the body so if things often happen to slip out of your hand, you will want to wrap this up with a cover this one up.

The power bank is also prone to overheating or damage to due to constant fluctuations and thus needs to used with care.


  • One of the cheapest yet efficient power banks
  • Gives you the power to charge 3 devices at the same time
  • 2 ports have an output of 2A for smartphones, tablets and laptop while the 1A port charges smaller devices
  • Output/Input details are clearly marked on the power bank to avoid confusion
  • With 2.1A input, the power bank is quick to charge as well
  • It is super light as it weighs just 280g
  • Torch comes in handy when your mobile is drained or torch malfunctions
  • Comes with one of the best conversion rates a cheap power bank offer with 6500mAH capacity


  • Does not have an anti-slip texture
  • It can overheat or malfunction due to fluctuations
  • It discharges quicker than the other models on the list

#4: Ambrane PP-20

Ambrane is another of the very popular brands when it comes to power banks in India and you will exactly why after reading this review.

Top Features

With 11000mAH, this power bank gives you a decent conversion with its capacity of 6500-7000mAH so you can expect about 3-3.5 charging cycles for your smartphone.

And since we all want fast charging for our devices, the power bank gives an output of 2.1A.

But the real standout feature of this model is that it has dual input ports as well i.e. a Micro USB and Type-C Port. So how is that helpful?

Well, it does not require you to carry multiple cables for charging the power bank and mobile. Now, both the devices can be charged with just one cable.

Plus, the input is also 2.1A and that means your power bank won’t be out for charging for more than 3-4 hours either.

The all-black design of the Ambrane is quite sexy. And that is without any added bulk so it weighs as low as 250g plus, it remains compact enough to fit into any pocket with ease or even held in the hand.

To top that, there is also a rubberized finish on the body to give you a scratch less power bank.

But the icing on the cake is the 9-layer protection. That means hereto, your power is well-protected from any kind of damage due to overheating, wrongly plugged in cables, over voltage etc. (just like the Mi models mentioned above).

Warranty: 6-months Manufacturers Warranty

The Downsides

Though the power bank is said to be a 11,000mAH power bank, its charging capacity is just as much of a 10,000mAH power bank.

Plus, this power bank also discharges rather quickly even when not in use and does not have a torch either.


  • It is a pocket-friendly power bank
  • Allows you to quickly charge 2 devices with 2 ports
  • Each port has an output of 2.1A and this charging is quick
  • It has multiple input ports for easy charging with both the Micro USB and Type-C cables
  • Input is 2.1A as well so charging the power bank is also quick
  • It comes in the ultralight category as it weighs 250g
  • The power bank is compact enough to fit into pockets
  • The 9-layer protection harm to the battery or circuit due to overheating, overvoltage etc.
  • Rubberized finish makes the body scratch less


  • Capacity of the power is equal to a 10,000mAH power bank though it is sold as a 11,000mAH power bank
  • The Power bank dischargers quicker than the Mi models
  • It does not include a torch

#5: Syska X110

And to wrap up our list of the best power banks in India we have the Syska X110 and trust me, even though last, it still has impressive features you will want to know about.

Top Features

One of the best features about this power bank is that it can efficiently charge anytime anywhere. Whether you connect it to a car charger, your laptop etc. the batteries get charged without any damage.

This is mainly because its motherboard has protective layer that prevents it from overcharging, overheating, over discharging so both the power bank and your devices remain safe and sound.

One of the output ports is a 5V/2.1A port so you get quick charging while the other port is just a 5V/1A port.

No quick-charging with it but nonetheless, remains a good alternative for smaller devices like a Smartwatch, iPods etc.

The capacity of the power bank is at par with the other 10,000mAH power bank on the list. This means those owning an iPhone 7 can recharge it about 3 times.

This power bank weighs just 270g so even if you hold it in your hands or carry it in any of your pockets, you won’t feel a thing.

With a rubberized finish, the power bank remains scratch-free even with rough and tough usage and feels comfortable in the hand.

Warranty: 6-months Manufacturers Warranty

The Downsides

One big flaw of this power bank is that the charging takes a little longer than one would like.

Also, it is not very durable especially if you happen to be clumsy and drop it often.

Lastly, another issue with this power bank is that it supports quick charging with only one port.


  • It can be charged via a car charger, laptop etc.
  • The circuit and devices are protected from overcharge, overheat etc.
  • Comes with 2 outputs so you can charge 2 devices
  • The 5V/2.1A port allows for quick charging
  • The 5V/1A port is ideal for charging low powered devices
  • Gives you a good capacity and can charge an iPhone 7 at least 3 times
  • Weighs just 270g and fits into pockets making carrying the power bank a breeze
  • Rubberized finish ensure the body does not get scratched easily


  • Not very durable
  • Charging the power bank is time consuming
  • Quick charging is available with only one of the ports

Power Bank Buying Guide

In this buyer’s guide we will cover the features that separate the top power banks from the rest.

Brands you can trust

Well, we Indians can often be obsessed with brands so if you want to know which power bank brands are the best in the India market, here are our top 10 picks.

  1. Mi
  2. Ambrane
  3. Intex
  4. Coolnut
  5. Syska
  6. Zinq
  7. Lenovo
  8. Lapguard
  9. Pebble
  10. Micromax

Size of the power bank

You do not want your power bank to be heavy and bulky. That is because power banks are mostly used during travels, hikes etc. and you really do not want it to add to the weight.

Also, there maybe times when you have to carry it around in your hand (like when you care charging your mobile) so the lighter and more compact the power bank is, the merrier.

Apart from that, either a rubberized finish or textured casing is important as well since it gives you a strong grip and prevents the power bank from slipping out of your hand due to sweat etc.

Quick Charging

I seriously would hate it if my I have to wait 4-5 hours or even more for my smartphone to charge. This is why I always prefer carrying a power bank that supports quick charging and so should you.

Most power banks will come with a 5V/2.1A input and this is good enough for quickly charging the smartphones.

The quick charging feature should be 2-way. This way even the power bank will get charged in a jiffy.

Power banks that do not have a high input can take up to 8-10 hours for a full charge depending on their capacity (sounds like forever, doesn’t it?)

Number of ports

On a general scale, most of the power banks come with 2 ports but if you use multiple devices that you cannot live without like a Smartwatch, mobile, iPod, Laptop etc. then you can also opt for power banks with 3-4 ports.

But keep in mind, not all ports will offer quick charging so make sure you do pay close attention when plugging in your mobiles and laptop. Keep the lower powered ports for smaller devices.

Power Details

The power of a power bank is measure in mAH. Note, that while the power bank is said to be of 20,000mAH or 10,000mAH they have a lesser charging capacity.

A good 20,000 mAH power bank like the Mi model mentioned above will have a capacity around 13,000mAH which is good enough for 4-5 charges mobiles like OnePlus 6T.

Similarly, 10,000mAH power banks come with a capacity around 6,000-7,000mAH which should charge a OnePlus 6T at least 2 to 2.5 times.

The more the power, the more devices you will be able to charge without having to recharge the power bank so if you use a lot of gadgets, I would suggest going with a 20,000mAH power bank.


If you are a travel freak or do not want to miss out on your Instagram uploads, a power bank is more than a luxury.

As utility of smartphones continue to increase every year due to improved features, their battery life still remains quite average.

So to keep them up and running throughout the day, you really do need a good power bank. And now, you know exactly which model to buy and features to look for.

In case of any question, do write to us in the comments section. You can also also share details about your favorite power bank to help out our readers.

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