Best Refrigerator in India (In-Depth Reviews for 2019)

It isn’t just your AC or Cooler that are going to help you beat the heat. After all, the first thing you run to after entering the home on a hot sunny day is your fridge for a cool glass of water, isn’t it?

Over the years, the refrigerators have undergone a revolution, from multi-door ones to side by side fridges, the choices are aplenty. So how do you pick the best refrigerator in India?

From features to look for and in-depth reviews of the top picks, with this ultimate buyer’s guide, we’ll make buying a fridge a breeze for you.

Best Refrigerator in India for Large Families

LG 668L:  With a 668L capacity, a build that is sure to grab attention and last you for years together and features like Insta door, ice and water dispenser, wine rack, multiple cooling vents, etc. the LG fridge isn’t just fancy, it is also effective and thus worth every rupee for a large family with tons of food ingredients to store. Not to forget,  the inverter motor also makes it silent and highly energy efficient.

 A Refrigerator on a Budget

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S: Do you need a fridge that is cheap and compact? Available for less than Rs. 15,000, this Amazon best-seller is tailor-made for couples and bachelors. It has a 190L capacity, a large crisper for veggies and fruits, and remains cool for 7-8 hours in case of a power cut.

Detailed Refrigerator Reviews for 2019

#1: LG 668L Side by Side Refrigerator

Whether we are talking about design, features, and capacity, this fridge is an absolute monster sure to leave anyone in awe of it and here’s why.

Top Features

First and foremost, the fridge offers you tons of storage space since it is a 668L fridge. This makes it the ultimate fridge for large joint families or those with a food and catering business from home.

Also, one of the most eye-catching features of the fridge is the Insta-view door. Just knock it twice and door lights up to give you a sneak peek of what’s on inside so you do not have to open it unnecessarily.

Similarly, even taking a glass of water or crushed ice is hassle-free since it comes with an ice and water dispenser. Hit a few buttons and voila, it takes mere seconds.

Plus, don’t you just hate it when you run of out of ice at the party? Luckily, with this LG fridge, you won’t since the Express Freeze option gives you ice in minutes rather than hours.

It is also equipped with tons of features that will your everyday food and ingredients fresh for days to come even if your family opens the fridge a lot. But how?

Thanks to the multi-digital sensors that automatically adjust cooling in the fridge based on the temperature and load.

And with 2-3 vents in each section, the cool air is evenly transferred to each and every area of the fridge, even the corners (so even in a stuffed fridge, nothing ever goes that so easily).

Furthermore, keeping your raw ingredients fresh and healthy to eat is the Hygiene Fresh+ Filter. This not only removes odor but more importantly, kills over 99.9% germs.

Also, if you happen to love lots of salads or leafy greens in your shakes, you will be happy to know that they remain fresh and green even after days. The reason being the Lattice Crisper Box that maintains optimum moisture levels at all times.

To top all of these awesome features, the refrigerator can also be controlled using a smartphone. With the SmartThinkQ App, where you want to adjust temp, diagnose issues, or set ice on express, you can now do it all with your mobile.

Other Features

Yup, the fridge is packed with fancy features but LG hasn’t forgotten the basics either. This is why the fridge comes equipped with an inverter compressor that makes it highly energy efficient and silent

That is because the compressor does not constantly turn on/off but runs a lower speed when the desired temperature is reached in order to maintain it, in turn, consuming less electricity.

The toughened glass shelves can hold heavy utensils with ease while the stainless steel build is both attractive and long-lasting (this fridge will last you for ages).

Wine lover, it is also the perfect fridge for you as it comes 4 special wine racks and helps maintain both taste and aroma (so you get the perfect tasting wine, always).

Lastly, there is also a utility box that comes in handy for smaller items like the butter box, etc.

The Downsides

The fridge takes up a lot of space in the house so make sure you have ample room in the house before making a buying decision.

Plus, it will cost you the big bucks just any premium home appliance.


  • Comes with a large 668L storage capacity
  • Insta-view door eliminates the need to constantly open door
  • It also has convenient water and ice dispenser
  • Express Freeze option gives you ice in just 20-25 minutes
  • The multi-digital sensors and air vents help maintain temperature to keep food fresh
  • Keeping the green leafy veggies fresh is the lattice crisper box
  • The Hygiene Fresh+ Filter removes bacteria and odor
  • You can control the fridge through mobile using the SmartThinkQ App
  • Inverter compressor makes both silent and energy efficient
  • Toughened glass shelves can handle all kinds of heavy utensils
  • The stainless steel body is pretty durable and thus will last you for years
  • It also has 4 wine racks and a small utility box for butter etc.


  • It requires more space
  • It is expensive

#2: Haier HRB-3404BS-E (Best Refrigerator in India Under Rs. 30,000)

‘Jhukna Mat’ is the Haier’s Mantra behind this refrigerator and they ensure just that. But how? Let’s find out what makes this fridge so unique.

Top Features

As you already know that the freezer is the least used section in the fridge so why place it conveniently on the top while you break your back bending for most things, right?

By reversing this common trend, Haier has redesigned fridges forever and reduced bending by over 90% (now, even the old elderly can conveniently take stuff from the fridge).

It is also a large fridge with a 320L capacity and an 86L freezer (ice creams, meat, cooked food, ice trays, etc. there is plenty of room for everything). Plus, even the door has tons of space on the inside for bottles and beer cans.

And since the fridge has toughened glass shelves, they can easily take all the burden without cracking or falling apart.

It also has a 3-star energy rating which makes it highly energy efficient. So even when running all day, it will not shoot up your electricity bills like crazy.

But efficiency does not come at a lack of power or effectiveness. And we know that because the fridge can give you ice in just 60-minutes.

And with the 2 twist ice trays, there will always be plenty of ice on hand during gatherings and parties for the drinks.

But what about the refrigerator section?

With 360-degrees cooling, the air cool air constantly moves around the fridge into every corner and section keeping everything fresh and yummy even the next day.

And you do not even have to worry about it even during a power cut since the fridge is capable of retaining the coolness for about 10-hours. How? With the help of extra large cooling pads.

This Haier fridge comes with a 2x crisper allowing you to store loads of veggies at once while ensuring their freshness and longevity.

It also features an in-built stabilizer which protects the motor from damage during voltage fluctuations. Further, adding to the durability is the brushed steel finish.

The Downsides

Compared to most double door refrigerators, it is on the expensive side but also comes with unmatched convenience and durability.

It is also a little noisy


  • The freezer is placed down which helps reduce bending by 90%
  • It has a 320L capacity and 86L freezer and thus perfect for a family of 3-4
  • Comes with a 3-star energy efficiency rating
  • Maintains cooling for 10-hours without power
  • The in-built stabilizer protects the motor from damage during fluctuations
  • With 360-degree cooling, the food items inside remain fresher for longer
  • The larger crisper helps to store more amount of veggies while maintaining freshness
  • It freezes ice in just an hour
  • Getting the ice out is easy with the 2 twist trays
  • The brushed steel finish adds both to the looks and durability


  • A premium double door fridge with a premium price tag
  • It is slightly noisy

#3: Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S (Best Refrigerator in India Under Rs. 15,000)

Are you looking for a low budget refrigerator or one that is compact enough to fit into smaller 1-2 room flats? Then the Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S is just the fridge you have been looking for.

Top Features

With 190L refrigerator capacity and a pretty decent freezer, the fridge is ideal for any bachelor or couple. Plus, there are bottle holders and utility trays on the doors that come in handy as well.

The multiple vents on the inside help maintain a constant temperature by circulating the cold air to every corner so you can rest assure your food remains safe and odor-free.

Even for a cheaper fridge, we were quite impressed with the large vegetable crisper. Not only do you get to save a week’s worth of veggies in it but they are just as fresh as you like them for your salads and shakes.

And for you party freaks, the fridge has a special chiller where you can throw in all your beer cans and bottles. It is designed to chill faster and maintain temperature better (because beer too is best served cold).

Another feature we were quite impressed by was the cooling retention of the fridge which can easily last for about 7-8 hours during a power outage. This is thanks to the Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology.

And in case there any fluctuations, you do not have to worry about them either as the in-built stabilizer protects the motor for harm.

It also has 3-star BEE rating so while it saves you on space and money, it also barely has any impact on the electricity bills.

While the defrosting needs to be done manually, at least, it won’t break your back and only requires you to set the speed using the defrost knob to get the job done.

In order to keep the fridge clean and maintain hygiene, the gaskets are removable. Remember these are hotspots of mold and mildew and thus it is important to give your fridge a deep clean once in 1-2 months.

Lastly, adding a touch of modernity to the fridge is the sexy top handle while the wired shelves are quite sturdy.

The Downsides

The design is pretty average looking which is expected in a budget model as it helps cuts down the cost. The handle is a nice touch though.

The vegetable basket and the fridge section need you to bend in order to get a deeper look at what’s in them.

The freezer is not very huge. So while you can store 2-3 ice trays and your every day non-veg, during gathering you do not want to stuff it up as it hampers cooling.

It needs to be defrosted frequently. Luckily, that isn’t very difficult to do.


  • Its 190L capacity makes it the ideal fridge for couples and bachelors
  • It has multiple cooling vents in order to keep food items fresh
  • The vegetable crisper is large and keeps fruits and veggies fresh and odor-free quite effectively.
  • The chiller helps cool items down faster and is good and maintaining a constant temperature
  • It can retain coolness for 7-8 hours during a power outage
  • With an in-built stabilizer, the fridge can easily handle fluctuations
  • It comes with a 3-star BEE rating which means it is quite energy efficient
  • Defrosting it manually is easy
  • The gasket can be easily removed and put back in order to maintain cleanliness
  • The top handle gives the fridge a modern touch
  • It will cost you around Rs. 11,000 making it a cost-effective purchase
  • It is compact and lightweight and thus easy to move around


  • Average design
  • To access the refrigerator and vegetable basket you need to bend
  • The freezer is smaller so avoid overstuffing as it reduces cooling
  • It needs constant defrosting

#4: Whirlpool FP 263D 240L Refrigerator (Best Multi-Door Fridge in India)

Not just budget models, Whirlpool is well-known for its high-end, multi-utility refrigerator as well and there is plenty about this fridge that is going to make you want it right away 😉 .

Top Features

Firstly, this a 260L refrigerator and thus perfectly serve a family of 3-4. But what exactly does a multi-door fridge mean?

The bottom compartment gives you a whopping 32L capacity for all your vegetables and fruits that need refrigeration.

Plus, since they are away from the everyday food there is no chance of odor-mixing which keeps them fresh for longer.

With Microblock Technology, germs like bacteria and viruses will no longer degrade the quality of your food even after days as it has been specially designed to kill 99.99% of all microbes.

But that’s not all.

It is also equipped with a special Zeolite Technology that will double the life of your fruits and vegetables. How?

By absorbing ethylene emissions which, in turn, lower sugar content allowing you to store more fruits and vegetables (no more daily supermarkets visits needed with this one).

And to help maintain the perfect amount of moisture for the ingredients, the fridge does not directly throw the cool air onto the fruits. Instead, the cool air flows around the compartment keeping it cool without the dryness.

Wait, there is more. There is also a separate compartment inside the refrigerator section for dairy products like cheese, butter, cakes, pastries, chocolate, etc.

But what’s different about this one is that you get a separate temperature control knob so your dairy product can be treated to the right temperature and last you longer.

At the top, there is a large freezer with twist trays which make getting ice out super easy and quick.

The air boosters ensure there is a constant inflow of cool air in order to maintain required cooling in each compartment.

And lastly, thanks to the genius minds at Whirlpool, the fridge consumes energy lesser than a 60-watt CFL making it one of the most energy efficient fridges you will come across in 2019.

The Downsides

There are no lights in the freezer or the vegetable basket so hunting for food at night isn’t going to be that easy.

Also, it can be slightly noisy and you can fell the vibrations when standing close to the door.


  • Suits a family of 3-4 due to its 260L capacity
  • It has a large 32L bottom compartment for vegetables and fruits for better freshness
  • Microblock Technology kills 99.9% microbes in the fridge
  • With Zeolite Technology, the fruits do not overripe quickly as it absorbs ethylene emissions
  • Air boosters help maintain moisture and temperature across compartments
  • With twist trays, getting ice out quick and hassle-free
  • The compartment for dairy products has its own temperature knob
  • It consumes less electricity than a 60-watt CFL
  • It defrosts automatically


  • When close to it, you can hear the noise and vibrations
  • There are no lights in the freezer and vegetable section


If you live in states like Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai, you do not just need a fridge for the leftovers but also for ice and most importantly, cold drinks and water.

And since fridges do not come cheap, it is must to know about the various models and features you can get with them. Well, that is exactly our goal with this buyer’s guide so you can get the best value for your money.

In case you are using a different fridge and would like us to write about it, do share your experience. You can also use the comments section and drop in any doubts and comparisons that you are looking for.

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