Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2019 (In-Depth Buyer’s Guide)

Are you tired of the maids that never turn up for work and leave your house all messy and dirty?

Wish you had a magic appliance which would make it easier for you to clean it all by yourself without feeling like you ran a marathon? Then all you need is a vacuum cleaner

But with so many different types of vacuum cleaner available in the market, it is tough to know which is the best vacuum cleaner in India. So what do you do?

Well, don’t worry, our team of experts has prepared this Ultimate buyer’s guide, so you do not have to break your head finding a model that fits your needs and budget.

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2019

Dyson V8 Absolute+: Whether you want your car, floor, carpet or even curtains cleaned, the Dyson can handle with all. It takes minutes to convert to a handheld vacuum and has multiple attachments, suctions speeds and ample power to keep your house clean and tidy at every corner.

A Vacuum Cleaner on a Budget

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip: Are you on a tight budget? No problem. With a 1000W motor that delivers suction good enough to clean pet hair and other dust particles from your carpet and floor, the Trendy Zip offers you the best bang for your buck.


Detailed Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

#1: Dyson V8 Absolute+ Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t fall for its sleek build, this vacuum cleaner can pack a punch as it comes with top of the line features that make cleaning your home a breeze. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Top Features

Helping you keep the flooring spic and span is the Soft Roller Head which latches on to the minutest of particles (some even the naked eyes cannot see).

And if it is the carpet that you find riddled with dog hair, dust, dirt etc. say hello to the Direct Drive Cleaner. This can remove all sorts of dirt, debris, and hair so the carpet continues to give your home the royal touch it was meant to.

But standout feature of the V8 Absolute+ is its ability to turn into a handheld vacuum within a few seconds (so you can enjoy the best of both worlds with one vacuum).

This means the vacuum’s cleaning ability isn’t just restricted to the flooring but also makes the sofas, curtains etc. look as good as new.

Add to that the 8 attachments such as the mattress brush, Flexi-Crevice tool etc. and you can reach even the tiniest of space in the home like that under the bed, sofa or even the car seat with ease.

Furthermore, it has a HEPA Filter. But how do these filters help in a vacuum? By sucking in 99.97% of the microscopic debris and allergens present in the air making the home a healthier haven for those suffering from allergies, Asthma etc.

And when the dust collector gets full, just hit the Dirt Ejector button and voila, all the dust and dirt will drop out in the dustbin without you having to touch it. Not to forget, it eliminates the need for buying or washing bags as well.

On a single charge, the vacuum will give you 40-minutes of non-stop running which is ample time to get most of the house cleaned. And with the low battery indicator you are never left guessing.

Plus, there are no wires and its compactly designed which means storing the vacuum cleaner is just as easy as using it.

The Downsides

The dust collector will need constant emptying as it is only a 0.5-liter bin.

Also, you will want to charge the vacuum well in advance as a full cycle takes about 2-3 hours.

It cannot wet clean and lastly, it is also one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners in the India market.

But its ability to transform, cleaning ability, ease of use and storing, multiple attachments and long battery life mean you get your money’s worth.


  • With the Soft Roller Head, the vacuum makes light work of most floorings
  • The Direct Drive Cleaner cleans carpets with great efficiency
  • It transforms from a stick to a handheld vacuum in minutes
  • The 8 attachments help clean mattresses, small crevices, sofas, cars etc.
  • The HEPA filter clears the air of allergens and 99.9% of the minutest particles
  • Removing the dust collector is easy and needs zero touching
  • There is a low battery indicator so you can charge it in time
  • It gives you 40 minutes with one charge cycle
  • Cordless and compact build makes storing it convenient
  • Comes with 3-suction speeds
  • It can generate 115AW of suction which is quite powerful


  • It is expensive and can cost you around 50k
  • Charging needs to be done in advance as it takes 2-3 hours
  • Cannot clean water spills
  • The dust collector needs regular emptying

#2: American Micronic 21-liter Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner in India).

If you are looking for a commercial-grade vacuum either for an office space or a large home, your search ends with the American Micronic Canister Vacuum and here is why.

Top Features

The best feature about this vacuum its ability to clean both dry dust and dirt as well as any water spillage around the house or office.

And since it has a huge 21-liter tank, it can easily give you multiple cleaning sessions before you need to empty it out. Plus, the bag is washable and reusable so you do not have to spend a rupee buying additional bags.

Also, its powerful 1600W motor can churn out ample suction speed to clean any area in seconds so you are not stuck vacuuming all day long. And if you happen to hit a tight spot, just switch to blower function to blow out any debris.

Further helping the vacuum get into the tightest of spots are the 6 attachments which include a hosepipe, floor/carpet brush, crevice nozzle, wet brush, upholstery nozzle and a couple of extension nozzles.

Ensuring safety of the motor in case of fluctuations is the Auto Power-Cut off feature.

Hereto, a HEPA Filter plays the important role of giving you fresher and cleaner air to breathe by ridding the air of most allergens and the smallest of dust particles (0.3 microns to be precise).

And no, do not worry about how you are going to pull such a huge canister from room to room. That is made hassle-free by the swivel wheels at the bottom.

The stainless steel build further adds to the overall durability of the vacuum as it is rust-proof and does not dent or crack easily (this vacuum is rock solid).

The Downsides

The only real downside of this vacuum cleaner is that it gives you the ability to change the suction or blower speed.


  • Apart from dry dust and dirt, it an efficient wet cleaner as well
  • Comes with a big 21-liter tank which gives you multiple cleaning cycles without emptying
  • The motor is powerful at 1600W so suction and blowing is strong
  • Blower helps get debris out from tight corners
  • HEPA Filter gives you fresher cleaner air by removing allergens and dust
  • You get 6 attachments for cleaning corners, upholsteries, carpets etc.
  • Stainless steel build gives the vacuum great durability
  • Protecting the motor from damage is the auto-cutoff feature
  • Wheels make moving the vacuum a breeze from room to room
  • The bag is washable and thus saves you money on buying new ones


  • No switch to toggle blower and suction speed which remains constant

#3: Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip (Budget Pick)

If it is an Amazon best-seller, you know it is got to be cost-effective and yet packed with good features. Well, that is just what this vacuum by Eureka Forbes is all about.

Top Features

Not only its modern looking design in keeping with its name, the Trendy Zip, it also has a powerful 1000W motor not often seen in a cheaper vacuum.

This motor is capable enough of delivering 1900MM of suction power which, trust me, is pretty strong and can even clean pet hair. Plus, you can control the suction as well.

You also get a wide variety of attachments such as the flexible yet durable hose pipe, floor and carpet cleaner, crevice nozzle etc. (from the roof, upholsteries to even a carpet full of pet hair, the vacuum can clean it all).

Making it easy to use the vacuum is the dust bag full indicator which eliminates the need for you manually check the bag each time. This, in turn, allows the vacuum to operate the optimum speed and efficiency for years to come.

Furthermore, you do not have to break your spine turning the vacuum on and off as it the switch has been located and design in such a manner that it can easily be operated using the foot.

Plus, it also weighs a mere 2.5kgs and has large wheels so moving it around the house should be no trouble at all and does not require you to be super strong.

And when you are done with all the cleaning, the auto cord winder neatly wraps up the cord saving you both time and effort.

It is also quite compact and thus can be put away into an empty cupboard shelf or even be placed under a table, sofa etc.

Lastly, in case the vacuum overheats or there is voltage fluctuation, the motor does not get harmed the vacuum is equipped with an automatic load cut-off feature.

The Downsides

The vacuum cannot be used for wet cleaning and does not feature a blower either which limits its use.

Cleaning the bag is not all the easy and since the bags cannot be reused, you will need to buy extra bags as you do not get any with the vacuum itself.

While the suction is strong enough for larger dust particles, the smaller ones may stick around. Also, there is no filter.

It is a little noisy as well.


  • Comes with an attractive design that sure to grab a few eyes
  • The motor can deliver ample suction to clean pet hair from carpets, upholsteries etc.
  • Supporting that are the attachments like crevice nozzle carpet nozzle, extension pipes etc.
  • The dust bag full indicator removes any guesswork
  • The auto cord winder saves you time and effort at the end of the cleaning cycle
  • The vacuum has been specially designed to be foot-operated
  • Weighs just 2.5kgs and has large wheels for better portability
  • Easy to store when not in use as it is very compact
  • The automatic load cut-off feature prevents damage to the motor in case of overheating etc.


  • It is can be a little noisy
  • Cleaning bag cannot be washed and reused
  • The vacuum cannot wet clean or has a blower
  • Suction power is not enough for finer dust particles on the floor
  • There is no HEPA filter either

#4: iRobot 600 Series Roomba 606 (Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India)

Robot vacuums simply put, are going to leave you speechless. They are the most advanced form of vacuum cleaners and are a luxury every homemaker deserves.

Top Features

These vacuums do not need your attention. Just hit the On button and the vacuum will get going with the cleaning all by itself.

Or if you like your home cleaned while you are asleep or away, you can even schedule a run using the Onboard Scheduling feature.

And no, the vacuum won’t fall down the stairs or be stuck behind the table either thanks to the iAdapt Navigation. This helps detect obstacles and maneuver around them (yup, these vacuum cleaners are super smart).

Plus, with the help of the Dirt Detect Technology, it detects the dirtier areas of your house and gives them a deeper vacuuming such as the carpets, doormat etc.

Once all the cleaning is complete, the vacuum automatically docks back and begins recharging for the next cycle.

There are no wires and it has a really low profile design so when not in use, it can be completely put out of site.

The downsides

The issue with this vacuum cleaner is that it does not support wet vacuuming.

Also, it cannot be used for vacuuming the car, curtains etc. and neither has any special attachments which really limits its utility in the house.

There is also no air filter and it is pretty expensive as well.


  • Makes vacuuming the floor, doormats, rugs and even carpets effortless
  • Just hit the clean button and the vacuum gets started with the cleaning
  • They are allowed to schedule the vacuuming as well with the Onboard Scheduling feature
  • Keep it from hitting obstacles or falling down the stairs is the iAdapt Navigation
  • With the Dirt Detect Technology, it lays special emphasis on the dirtier portions of the house
  • Docks and begins to charge automatically at the end of the vacuuming session
  • The low profile design and storage makes storing the vacuum very easy


  • On the expensive side
  • Does not support wet cleaning
  • It can vacuum cars, curtains etc.

Yup, there are features you will have to compromise on with a robot vacuum but it makes dry vacuuming of your floor and carpets effortless like none other.

#5: Maharsh 220-240V vacuum (Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in India)

If you are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner for occasional use or need one that is compact enough for cleaning cars, then a handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for you and we reviewed the best one for you.

Top Features

Being a handheld vacuum cleaner that weighs just about 2kgs, it is one of the most portable vacuum cleaners in the India market.

This portability means is it the best vacuum cleaner in India for cars. Similarly, it makes it easy to clean upholsteries, the sofa and other small spaces you often miss out on as well. It also makes storing the vacuum very easy as it fits almost anywhere is the house.

But portability alone isn’t enough, there needs to be ample suction as well to pull in the dirt, debris, pet hair etc. right? Well, delivering ample suction for all that is the 1000W motor.

Further, make it possible to get stubborn debris out of tight spaces or clear leaves in the backyard is the blower function.

And supporting this versatility of the vacuum is the wide range of attachments that come with it such as the vacuum snout, a crevice nozzle, a small and large brush etc.

The cable has a length of 4m which is long enough to cover a large part any room so you can use the vacuum even there aren’t many power outlets around.

Compared to most handheld vacuum cleaners, this Maharsh model has a larger dust collector and thus needs less emptying.

Plus, being bagless it is rather easy to clean and saves the cost of new bags.

The Downsides

Well, since it is a small handheld vacuum it is not as efficient in cleaning the floor as a stick or canister vacuum due to lack of power so expect some minute dust to be leftover.

Also, the motor needs to be rested in between the cleaning otherwise it will overheat and malfunction.

It is also noisy


  • Weighs just 2kgs and is compact enough for convenient carrying when cleaning
  • The ideal vacuum cleaner for cars and upholsteries
  • The 1000W motor delivers decent suction power to clean pet hair and dirt
  • Attachments like the crevice nozzle, small and large brush etc. make it a versatile unit
  • Further adding to that is the strong blower function
  • The 4m cable is quite long so you do not have to worry about power points all the time
  • It has a larger dust collector compared to other handheld vacuums in India
  • Does not require purchasing of bags


  • It is noisy
  • Lacks the power to clean minute dust particles on the floor
  • Needs constant resting otherwise it easily overheats


As you can see, there are plenty of different vacuum types that you can choose from. Some convertible, some super smart and some that go easy on the pocket. And in this article, we covered the best model for each type so making the right buying decision should now be easy.

Remember a vacuum cleaner isn’t just going to clean floors but also your sofas, cars, curtains and some can even help clear the air of allergens. So if you still have doubts over which vacuum cleaner to use, get in touch with us today.

If you are using any of the vacuum mentioned above or a different one that thing performs better, do let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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