Best Water Purifier in India 2019 (Fresh, Clean Water Everyday)

It is not just good food that makes or breaks your health but also the quality of water. Did you know that water-borne diseases kill about 1 person every 4-5 hours with Diarrhea being the deadliest of all? Who would have thought that, right?

Yup, that is why it is of utmost importance to have the best water purifier in India. But with so many brands and models in the market, how do you find the right pick?

Well, relax, we checked out 50 air purifiers and reviewed the top 5 models so you can get one that is durable, pocket-friendly and effective.

Best Air Purifier in India 2019

Kent Grand Plus: Whether you get your water from a borewell or tap, with the power of RO and UF/UV technology, the water purifier can purify it all. It also has a mineralizer which increases nutrient value, a large 8-liter water tank and a purifying capacity of 15-liters per hour which makes it one of the fastest filters in the market.

A Water Purifier on a Budget

Hul Pureit Classic: With a simplistic design so it easily fits into the smallest of kitchens, a large 23-liter tank, and a gravity filtration system, the Hul Pureit Classic offers the best bang for your buck with a price tag less than Rs. 3000 (you DO NOT want to miss out on this one).

Detailed Water Purifier Reviews for 2019

#1: Kent Grand Plus 8-liter Water Purifier

If you are talking about filters it impossible to have not mentioned Kent. After all, they are one of the biggest brands in India and the Grand Plus shows you exactly why with its top-notch filtering ability and versatility.

Top Features

Nothing helps you chill water tiring day like a cold glass of water, right? But if you use a traditional filter it is likely to be still riddled with chemicals, bacteria, etc. So what’s different about the Grand Plus?

It has a more effective double purification system which combines the power of RO and UF/UV technology to gives you fresh and germ-free water (just the way it is meant to be).

Also, the source of your water makes no difference to the filter, its advanced purification process can tackle it all with ease (bore well, rainwater or from the MCD, now have delicious water all day long).

But taste alone does not cut it. The water should be packed with nutrients as well. This is why the filter is also equipped with the patented Mineral RO Technology which ensures exactly that with a TDS controller.

The Grand Plus also removes the hassle that comes with maintaining a filter as it is computer controlled. So how does that help?

By notifying you when the filter needs to be changed and also when the UV lamp is not functioning at optimum levels eliminating the need for constant checks (as I said, makes it hassle-free).

It also comes with one of the largest storage tanks as it can store 8-liter of purified water so there is plenty for you and your family to drink without having run the filter every 1-2 hours.

Also, when the filter does run out of water, it only takes a few minutes to fill up again thanks to its 15-liter/hr. purifying rate which, trust me, is pretty damn quick.

Ensuring the utmost safety and hygiene of your water while giving the purifier good durability is the ABS food grade plastic.

And if you still have any doubts about the Grand Plus note that it has been certified by the CE, NSF and Water Quality Association (this one is a no-brainer pick).

The Downsides

For its impressive features, the Grand Plus has a few flaws as well.

Firstly, there have been complaints of delays with the installation so you might have to send Kent a few reminders in order to get it done quickly though this may vary as per your city and locality.

Secondly, with regular use, the tank starts to leak when filled to full capacity.

And lastly, their purifier is only Kent compatible so you cannot opt for cheaper filters from other brands.


  • Uses a double filtration process for ridding the water of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, etc.
  • Capable of purifying water from any source
  • With TDS Controller it maintains minerals in the water
  • Gives you notification of when the filter is up for change
  • Also, notifies you when the UV lamp is failing
  • It has a large storage tank of 8-liters
  • Purifies about 15-liters of water per hour which is quick
  • The ABS food-grade plastic make it a healthier and durable choice
  • It has been certified by the CE, NSF and Water Quality Association


  • It tends to leak when at full capacity over time
  • Installation may get delayed
  • Only compatible with Kent filters and products

#2: Eureka Forbes Aquasure

AquaGuard by Eureka Forbes is a name synonymous with filters in India and the Aquasure is one of the most advanced filters you will come across. Here’s more about it.

Filtration and Build

With an all-black design, this filters blends in really well with any type of kitchen décor while adding a touch of modernity to it which is sure grab a few eyes.

But it isn’t just the looks that are worth a compliment but functionality as well. With the power of a 6-stage filtration process, the Aquasure is one of the most effective filters you can find. Here’s how this works.

Starting from the clarity cartridge that removes both large and finer sediments the water moves to the Chemical Block filter that removes bad chlorine, pesticides, odor, etc.

If you happen to have hard water in your taps, you will happy to know that the reverse osmosis membrane lowers hardness and salts.

Next up, is an even more improved cartridge filter. This further removes any residual impurities while the carbon granules polish the water giving it the sparkling look and awesome taste it should have.

Lastly, there is the UV Disinfection chamber where all the pathogens, bacteria, etc. are killed (because you and your loved ones deserve the very best).

But if you still feel the water taste is not to your liking, the TDS can be manually adjusted giving you unmatched control over the purification process.

This advanced purification process means whether it is borewell, well or even tap water you get, the filter remains true to its name guarding the water against all impurities.

Other Features

The cartridges deliver about 6000-liters of water so you do not need to worry about replacing it every 4-5 months.

Also, keeping in mind the forgetful you and me, Eureka Forbes has equipped the filter with a sensor that automatically turns off the purifier once the tank is full to save on power (no more skyrocketing bills or overflowing tanks anymore).

And so you precisely know how much water is remaining in the tank or if the purification is on or off, there is an indicator for them.

Similarly, indicators will also let you know when water pressure level is low or zero or if there is an issue with the filter that needs expert attention (nothing is left to chance or guesswork with this one).

The Downsides

The booster pump is not available with the filter and needs to be bought separately which adds to the overall cost.

Customer service of Eureka Forbes is a little disappointing as delayed installation, late responses can get to the customer’s nerves.

Also, a larger tank would have been ideal like the Kent or LivPure mentioned below.


  • The design is attractive and yet compact so the filter can be conveniently placed in the kitchen or mounted
  • The 6-stage filtration process removes germs, sediments, chlorine, pesticides and even treats hard water
  • Works efficiently on water from any source
  • Cartridge filter can last up to a year without replacing
  • There are indicators for water levels, water pressure, errors, etc.
  • TDS can be manually adjusted to suit your taste buds
  • Sensors turn the filter off automatically once the tank is full to save electricity


  • Their customer service has room for improvement
  • Booster pump needs to be purchased separately
  • The water tank is slightly smaller

#3: LivPure Glo 7-liter Water Purifier

If there is one brand that can go toe to toe with Kent or Eureka, it is LivPure and this 7-liter water purifier by does proves just that.

Top Features

The LivPure also has a 6-stage filtration process. This involves the water being moved from a sediment filter at first where fine and coarse particles are cleared out.

Next up is the pre-activated carbon filter which absorbs all the pesticides, chlorine, odor, etc. so your water tastes and smells right.

Hereto, the RO system will remove excess salts and hardness from the water further improving the taste (say goodbye to the yucky salty water).

Plus, in tandem with the UV Disinfection column, it also increases the health quotient by eliminating bacteria, virus, etc.

All of this purification is rounded off by a silver impregnated post carbon filter and a Mineralizer. These processes improve the taste of the water by adding a dose of healthy minerals that balance the pH level of the water.

Also, you do not want your filter to run all day long. This is why it is important it comes with a large water tank and with a 7-liter tank LivPure delivers just that.

The purification process is pretty quick as well with the filter being able to purify about 12l/hr. so you always have pure water available on the go.

There are also multiple indicators that let you know when the purification is on and the tank is full so you are never left guessing and can turn off the power supply once done (who does not want to save a few bucks on the electricity bills, right?).

The compact design of the Livpure Glo makes it easy to place anywhere in the kitchen. Hang it on the wall or leave it on the countertop, it offers you great versatility.

Installations with the filter are not only quick and but also FREE. Every time a filter is shipped a ticket is opened for it.

The customer gets a code which he/she needs to hand over to the representatives in order to close the ticket. This, in turn, guarantees customer satisfaction to the fullest.

This filter is also built with ABS food-grade plastic making it absolutely safe for a home with kids and adults prone to allergies.

The Downsides

One big flaw of this other excellent filter is the absence of a filter change notification which means you need to constantly keep a check or water taste and odor might change.

The filter is also prone to leaks which result and if not repaired in time, it can result in a lot of wastage.


  • It has a 6-stage purification process that is guaranteed to give you clean drinking water
  • Multiple filtration stages remove sediments, odor, chemical, pesticides, etc.
  • The UV column takes care of the viruses and bacteria
  • Also, making hard water suitable for drinking is the reverse osmosis filter
  • The mineralizer boosts minerals in the water bringing pH to optimum levels
  • It comes with a large 7-liter tank
  • It also has indicators for when the purification is on and the tank is full
  • The food grade plastic build makes it safe at all levels
  • Filtration is quick as it has a purification capacity of 12L/hr.
  • The compact build makes it easy to place the filter anywhere in the kitchen


  • It is prone to leaks with regular use
  • There is no filter change indicator

#4: Hul Pureit Classic 23L Water Purifier (Budget Pick)

Are you looking for a non-electric water purifier on a budget? The Hul Pureit Classic is just the purifier you have been looking for and even though, it is pretty damn effective.

Top Features

As I already mentioned, this is a non-electric purifier so you can rest assure it has zero impact on your electricity bills. So how does it actually work?

It has a Gravity Based filtration process and yes, it works exactly how it sounds, using Gravity. The filter has multiple stages of filtration and the water moves through it using the gravitation pull.

The water first enters a micro-fiber mesh where larger sediments are removed. The Activated Carbon Trap then takes care of the finer particles and pesticides.

The water then flows into the special Germkill filter that kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses. This achieved by releasing chlorine into the water in small and safe amounts.

To remove excess chlorine smell and taste from the water it finally flows through the polisher which gives it clarity and taste we are all accustomed to.

While compact looking, it has a 9-liter water tank which is the most on the list so there is going to plenty of water on hand the whole day. And the purifier needs take just 1-1.5 hours to fill it up which is pretty decent for a gravity purifier.

The white and blue design is a classic color combination and blends well with most kitchen types. Plus, it can easily be left on the countertop since it needs little room or even mounted on a nearby wall for convenient usage.

You will know precisely when to buy and replace the Germkill Kit thanks to the multiple indicators that allow for timely replacements.

And if you do forget to add in a replacement, the filter automatically turns off filtration to prevent poor quality water from entering into the storage tank.

The HIPS/ABS body means there are no toxic materials used in the making. This food-grade plastic isn’t just safe but also durable.

The Downsides

To be honest, while the purifier is an ideal model for anyone on a tight budget, it is not as effective as the Kent or Eureka Forbes purifier as its filtering capabilities are limited.

That is because it is weak against Protozoa and does not effect TDS making it a bad choice if you get water from borewell or wells.

It is also not suitable for hard water either.


  • The most effective and yet effective filter in the India market
  • Does not need electricity for purifying as it uses an all-natural gravity filtration system
  • The micro-fiber removes large sediments from water
  • Activated Carbon Trap clears the water of pesticides
  • The Germkill filter removes bacteria and viruses using chlorine
  • The polisher improves the taste, color, and odor of the water
  • It has a 9-liter tank which large enough for 2-3 people
  • Filtration takes only 1-1.5-hours
  • It is compact and lightweight thus easy to move around or mount on walls
  • The Germkill indicator notifies you when its time to buy and change the kit
  • Auto shut off feature stop purification process if Germkill kit isn’t clean
  • The use of HIPS/ABS material makes it a 100% toxic free body


  • Does not soften hard water
  • Not suitable for borewell or well water
  • It does not remove all protozoa from the water


From the top models to the features that matter, now that you know what counts when buying the best water purifier in India, the decision should be hassle-free.

In general, any purifier with RO, UF/UV and TDS controller and a large tank should be a good buy. But if you have the budget, then you could also get one with low water indicator, filter change indicator and so on.

In case you have any doubts related to a water purifier, you can get in touch with our team of experts by dropping in a comment below or write to them directly via the contact page.

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