Bluehost Coupons India 2019: GRAB 50% OFF in JUNE

BlueHost first made its name as one of the top hosting services in the US and now, has grown to become a leading service provider in India as well.

This means it closely competes with the like of HostGator etc. in terms of both the quality of services and prices.

So if you are impressed by BlueHost, we have special offers that help you score a big discount on every plan. Check them all out below.

Bluehost Coupons for India

Shared Hosting

For those new business and bloggers taking baby steps towards a bright future, shared hosting plans will help you get started on the cheap.

Add to that a coupon from below and we are sure you are going to walk away with a wide smile on your face đŸ˜‰ .

Reseller Hosting

Ever dreamed of starting your own hosting company? Well, helping you live your dreams are BlueHost’s Reseller Hosting plans and here are some coupons you will find handy with them.

VPS Hosting Coupons

Don’t let those occasional traffic spikes turn into your worst nightmare. Get a VPS server today with these awesome coupons and give your readers the buying and reading experience they so deserve.

WordPress Hosting

What you may not know is that Bluehost is the ‘official’ WordPress host (no, we are not kidding). And being that, you can rest assure they provide one of the best plans for anybody planning a blog or affiliate site on the WordPress Platform.

And below are the ideal coupons to go along with it.

Dedicated Hosting

Does your blog or business have millions of hits every day? Plus, do you prefer to have full control over the server, software installations, etc. and have the team to manage it?

Then get your dedicated server TODAY with these coupons.

Cloud Hosting

A lightning fast website is sure to keep your readers engaged and boost sales. And that is exactly where Cloud Hosting excels as it can 4x your sites speed and handles a jump in traffic better than any shared hosting plans

And with these coupons, even your pocket can get a much-deserved boost of cash.

SSL Certificate

Did you know that a website without an SSL Certificate is labeled as unsafe by Chrome? That is why these have become a must and if you haven’t yet bought one, these coupons should come in handy.

Sitelock and CodeGuard

Safety and security of your website are integral for both you and your customers.

Thankfully, even important features like SiteLock and CodeGuard have a discount on them (no malware is going to play spoil-sport with your site anymore).

Domain Purchase

Do you need a domain to kick-start your next big business idea? Well, let’s begin it on a happy note with these domain purchase coupons.

Using the Bluehost Coupons the right way

It is absolutely ok if you have not used any Bluehost coupon in the past or made any sort of purchase with Bluehost either.

Entering these coupons is a walk in the park but in case you still have doubts, here a step by step guide to help you do it right.

Step 1: Check out all the plans and when you found one that best suits your needs click on the green ‘Buy Now button’.

Step 2: On the next window, you will be asked if you have an existing domain. Just hit Yes and enter the URL in the space provided.

At you read carefully, you can see that SiteLock and CodeGuard are automatically checked. Feel free to uncheck them and buy them later on if you do not want the added expense as of now.

Step 3: The checkout window is where you enter the coupon code and space for it is provided on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Once entered, just hit on Apply and voila, the prices will go down instantly.

Oh, by the way, do not forget to change the number of years you want the plan for.

For people with utmost faith in their business, a 5-year plan will be the ultimate savings package. Plus, it is helpful from an SEO point of view as well since it builds trust.

Step 5: You will also be needed to create an account and once done just make the payment preferably via a Debit/Credit card. But there are other modes as well.

Benefits of Choosing BlueHost

Are there still doubts in your mind whether Bluehost services are right of you or not? How about checking out its benefits before you make up your mind?

An uptime worth the money

If there is one thing you cannot afford with your business, it is for your site to be down. Why? Because that is going result in huge losses. In an online business, every click, every minute counts especially if that is the sole sales medium. That is why I would not suggest any hosting service that offers you an uptime lower than 99.99%.

Well, lucky for you, this is exactly what BlueHost promises to deliver. So you continue to make money even when you are asleep. But why should believe us?

Simple, we back it by figures.

We have been tracking Bluehost’s uptime for about 8 months now and boy, we are impressed. There has been an uptime of 100% 5 of these months with the rest being 99.99% (just like they guarantee).

Loading speed at its best

If you are is up but takes ages to load it might as well have been down. Yup, that is how important good page speed is. But how quickly should a website be? Well, if you want to keep your potential customer interested and coming back for more, a load time under 1-second would be ideal.

Plus, it is the perfect speed from an SEO point of view as well. So how does Bluehost compare to it?

With an average loading of time of less than 500ms Bluehost is hands down one of the fastest hosting services available in India helping you get the most out of your investment.

A variety of plans for everyone

Are you just starting with your site? Or do you already have a huge customer base and are looking to upgrade your hosting so it can better tackle the increasing demand? Either way, with tons of Linux and Windows server plans, Bluehost does not disappoint anyone.

You can get hosting for as low as Rs. 209 every month. These plans offer limitless bandwidth and storage. Plus, they can be easily upgraded to a VPS or Dedicated plan when the time arises.

And in case you do hit troubled waters, Bluehost has a very competent customer service team that can be reached out anytime from anywhere in the world for quick and complete solutions.

If these benefits have failed to convince you, there are HostGator coupon codes too that can grab you big discounts.

And Lastly…..

With an uptime of 99.9%, a very dependable customer service team and plans for everyone, BlueHost sure has some tricks up their sleeves and now, you have coupons as well to grab big discounts.

If you have used BlueHost in the past and would like to share your experience, do share with us using in the comments below.

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