Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India (In-Depth Reviews for 2019)

Semi-Automatic washers are by far the cheaper option but often lack features that make washing clothes effortless.

And that is how we want this tedious chore to be for you, absolutely effortless. This is why we decided to pick out the best fully automatic washing machines in India for 2019 and the buying decision hassle-free.

Best Fully Automatic Washer for Small Families

LG T7581NDDLG: With a 6.5kg capacity and features like time delay, a smart diagnosis that makes washing clothes and maintaining a washer a breeze, this washer is worth every rupee you will ever spend. Not to forget, it is backed by India’s best washing machine brand, LG

A Fully Automatic Washer for Large Families

Whirlpool White Magic Elite: If you want something bigger that does not compromise on washing and convenience, this 7kg top loader from Whirlpool is just the washing machine you have been looking for.

Detailed Fully Automatic Washer Reviews

#1: LG T7581NDDLG

Irrespective of the type of washing machine you are looking for one brand that stands out with some of the best models and support service is LG.

So here is what’s to love about this washer.

Top Features

Equipped with the Fuzzy Logic Technology, the washer is smart enough to adjust settings for the wash based on the load (using a washing machine hardly gets any easier).

Whether you want to be washing jeans, woolens, there is a mode for all types of fabrics.

And in case you have lightly soiled clothes you would like to get on the double, the Quick Wash feature is just what you need.

But what about the stubborn mud and food stains?

Taking care of those is the Turbo Drum which in tandem with the multiple Pulsators creates a powerful water stream that moves the clothes up and down for consistent cleaning all-around.

But if you think that won’t be enough, you can also give your stained clothes a deeper wash with the Pre-Wash feature which activates at a simple touch of a button (tough stains, not anymore).

The standout feature of the washer has to its inverter motor because that means your saving plenty of bucks on the electricity bill with this one. How?

Simple, the inverter technology keeps the washer running at a constant speed depending on the load rather than the constant on/off of the other motors which, in turn, disrupts performance and draws more power.

A Smarter Diagnosis System

With the Smart Diagnosis System, LG gives the power to fix any error with your washer at your fingertips with a simple mobile app.

Now, you do not have to spend days waiting for a technician visit or have to waste money on calls.

Other Features

Have a meeting or date tomorrow? Or don’t want to miss out on the game? Now, your laundry won’t suffer as you can schedule it in advance with the time delay feature.

Cleaning the tub is also hassle-free. All you need to do it hit the Tub Clean button and you will have a sterile and fresh smelling tub, both on the inside and outer surface.

No power cuts will ruin your wash. With the memory function, the washer will automatically restart from the very same spot it left off.

You also have the option of creating a custom program with your favorite settings for future use giving you unprecedented control over the cleaning.


The motor is the key component of any washer and LG have taken its longevity with utmost seriousness.

This why it comes with a special BMC Motor Protection so no insect, rodents, dust or even humidity can bring the slightest harm to it.

Adding to the is the stainless steel drum is rust-proof (this one’s really an investment for the future).

Furthermore, it also comes with a soft close glass door which protects it from any banging. Plus, you get a clear view of all the washing.

Capacity and Spin Speed

The 6.5kg capacity is ample for any couple that wants to clear off their laundry in the least amount of cycles saving them both electricity and water.

And further enabling that is the 700rpm spin speed that gives you faster drying time by extracting more water out of your washed clothes.

The Downsides

On the downsides, it is one of the most expensive fully automatic washers on the list. Not really a big flaw if you the budget and will only settle for the very best.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India

  • The Fuzzy Logic Technology adjusts water and detergent as per load
  • Multiple modes help clean from woolens, silks to even denim
  • The 3 smart motion wash helps clean stubborn of stains with ease
  • You can also pre-wash with the touch of a button for the same
  • Inverter technology ensures the washer consumes minimal electricity
  • Smart Diagnoses System helps identify and solve up to 86 errors
  • Time Delay helps you set the wash program to run anytime in the next 18 hours
  • Motor comes with BMC Motor Protection for longevity
  • The stainless steel drum is rust-free
  • Tub remains germ-free and fresh with the Tub Clean feature
  • The soft close feature keeps the glass door from breaking due to banging
  • You can create your own custom wash program
  • Memory function restarts washer from the same spot in case of a power cut


  • On the expensive side

#2: Whirlpool White Magic Elite

Whirlpool has been a mainstay for years when it comes with washing machines and the White Magic Elite shows exactly why.

Top Features

Knocking the stumping’s out of all stains and dirt is the Power Scrub Technology. This tech creates high-powered agitations that give your dirtiest clothes the deepest of washes so they come just as clean and fresh as new.

The SPA Wash Drum ensures the clothes remain tangle-free with its specialized design and since the drum has smaller holes than most washers, the amount of lint generated is minimal. Plus, you won’t have clothes stuck in the drum either.

And whatever lint is there, it all gets conveniently collected into the Lint Collector which can be easily emptied out after every wash.

Whether you want to wash delicates, woolens, whites, bed sheets or even saris, there is a mode for it all. But the modes that really stand out are the Hard Water Wash and Express Mode.

For the less dirty clothes, the Express Mode is ideal and gets done with the washing in half the time saving you time, water and detergent.

And if you live in an area where hard water has been ruining your clothes, the Hard Water Wash is just the mode you have been praying all along for (now, your clothes remains softer and retain color longer).

With the ZPF Technology, the tub fills up faster than ever even when the water pressure is as low as 0.017MPa.

Adding in detergent is longer going to be guesswork as the Smart Detergent Recommendation gives you the exact detergent amount as per the load in the washer.

Similarly, the smart sensors also let you know when the water pressure and voltage are lower than the required levels.

And in case there is a power cut, the washer will automatically return operating from the same spot.

Thanks to the Time Delay feature you can set the machine to run as per your convenience at any time of the day (at the movies, date night or enjoying the game with your mates, you still the perfectly clean laundry).

The Auto Tub Clean feature keeps the drum from becoming a breeding ground for germs and pathogens while the child lock prevents unwanted fidgeting from kids.

The Downsides

The washing machine isn’t as durable as the LG or Samsung models and neither is Whirlpool’s customer service at power with them. So repairs may not be timely.

Plus, it does not come with a water heater which is a major miss.


  • Power Scrub Technology removes tough stains with ease
  • The SPA Wash Drum prevents clothes from tangling
  • The lint collector empties out unwanted lint
  • There are multiple modes for different materials and dirt range
  • Hard water mode treats hard water to detergent mixes properly
  • Even with low-pressure water, ZPF Technology ensure the tub fills up quickly
  • The washer recommends the right amount of detergent needed
  • Comes with important features like time delay and memory function
  • Auto Tub Clean keeps mold and mildew from growing in the tub


  • No in-built water heater
  • Not as durable as the LG washer
  • Poor customer service

#3: Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL (Value for Money Pick)

In case you didn’t know, the Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL is an Amazon best-seller. Wondering why? Find out below.

Top Features

The diamond design of the drum is just the right amount of rough and soft. Harsh enough to give your clothes rid all kinds of stains and soft enough to prevent damage to the fabric.

All lint present in the washer after the wash cycle is collected by the Magic Filter. The filter has been placed low so it effectively collects all the lint irrespective of the level.

Plus, it even indicates you when its time to clear the filter so you do not need to constantly check out.

You also get notified when the tub needs a clean. So how do get that done? Just hit the Eco Tub Clean feature and voila, the machine will automatically take of this integral task.

There is a wash mode for types of for all types of clothes. Be it the delicates, heavily soiled clothes, jeans, whites etc. it can clean everything.

Furthermore, ensuring the best possible wash for the clothes are the multiple waterfalls at the top which create a strong current that, in turn, mixes the detergent well.

The machine also has a child lock so your little ones around it is not a matter of concern and neither is a power cut since the washer automatically resumes functioning.

The transparent tempered glass door lets you get a peek of the washing process. Plus, it is scratch resistant and strong which means it looks as good as new even after years of use.

It has a 6.2kg capacity which means couples or bachelors can do not need to run multiple cycles or wash clothes daily.

Lastly, comes the advanced turbo dryer which is one of the best features of this washing machine. Why? Because It works so damn efficiently and you can directly iron clothes out of the dryer (say goodbye to long hours of waiting for clothes to line dry).

The Downsides

One small issue with the washing machine is that Samsung will need some reminding so the installation and demo happen at the earliest. Or better just do it yourself.

The inlet hose provided is smaller than expected and thus some of you might need to purchase a new one.


  • The diamond drum has a smaller hose which protects clothes from tearing and tangling
  • The magic filter removes lint with great efficiency
  • There are notifications for cleaning of the lint filter and tub
  • Clean the tub is easy with the Eco Tub Clean Mode
  • Detergent mixes well with the water due to the powerful currents created by the small waterfalls
  • It is one of the most pocket-friendly washing machines
  • Ideally designed for couple sand bachelors as its capacity is 6.2kgs
  • Child lock ensure settings are not accidentally changed by kids around
  • The tempered glass door is strong and scratch resistant and thus lasts long
  • With turbo air dryer, the clothes can be directly ironed when after drying


  • There may be a delay with installation
  • A longer inlet hose would have been perfect


Hopefully, we saved you tons of time research time when it comes to fully automatic washers. In the end, the final decision will come down to your budget and needs.

Avoid overspending on a washing machine but if you really need one with top-notch features, then do not hesitate to pay the big bucks either. That’s because high-end fully automatic washers will last you for years to come and is packed with features that make life easier.

In case you want to have a look at even cheaper washers, don’t forget to check out this guide on the Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India for more details.

If you want to drop in a review about your fully automatic washer or think we missed out on an important detail, do let us know in comments below (love hearing from you guys).

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