HostGator Coupons India (GET 50% OFF in August 2019)

Anytime I am making a purchase if there is one thing I love having is a coupon that can get me a bargain deal and I am sure you would love one to.

So if you are looking for new hosting services for your blog or business page, we have just the hosting service you deserve and the very best coupons to go along with them.

If you haven’t already guessed it, it is HostGator we are talking about. With reliable, efficient and yet cheaper hosting plans for every need, HostGator is definitely THE ONE and here are 100% working and real coupons to go along with it.

HostGator Coupons India

Shared Hosting

Don’t want to spend big just yet on a hosting plan? If you didn’t already find these shared hosting plans cheap, these coupons below are sure have you gleaming with joy (Hint, you can get 50% OFF TODAY).

Reseller Hosting

If you have plans of starting your own web hosting services, HostGator has got you covered and here some coupons you will find quite handy.

VPS Hosting

If you find your website going down every time there is an increase in traffic, you can upgrade from a shared plan to a VPS plan with these coupons.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is hands down one of the most popular blogging platforms and if you prefer it too, this hosting service is tailor-made for you and here is how to get a huge discount on it.

Dedicated Hosting

If your site gets buckets loads of traffic every day and you have the resources to fully manage your server, grab your Dedicated server with these coupons RIGHT NOW.

Cloud Hosting

For anyone looking to boost up their website’s speed (by 4x), Clouding hosting is definitely the hosting service you need and here some special coupons you will find helpful.

SSL Certificate, SiteLock and CodeGuard

Thing your website could be prone to malware attack for hacks, its time to rev up the security with these features and yup, we have coupons for them as well.

Get a Domain

Whether you are buying your first or hundredth domain, I am sure you would still a discount, right? Well, here are a few coupons to get it.

Using a HostGator Coupon the Right Way

With the popularity of HostGator, it comes as no surprise that there are tons of coupons to work with for every plan and service. And in case you are new to the world of blogging, here is how to use the coupons the right way.

Note: Applying the coupon is pretty easy and does not really need any prior experience.

Step 1: Choose a plan based on the size of your blog or business and hit the yellow ‘Buy Now’ button.

Step 2: On the next window, it will ask you to fill in your domain address. Once done, press the Continue button.

Note: In case you do not want to purchase SiteLock, CodeGuard etc. feel free top uncheck those services as you can always get them later as and when needed.

Step 3: The checkout page opens up and there you can find the area for your coupon the right-hand side below the total amount.

Step 4: Enter the code and you will see the price reduce instantly.

Step 5: Make the payments in any mode comfortable to you and you would have hosted your site successfully with HostGator.

Benefits of Using HostGator

In case you are pondering whether you should really go with HostGator or not, you should definitely read about these benefits and drawbacks so you can make a better decision.

99.9% Uptime

If there is one thing there is absolutely no compromising with, it is the uptime of your website. This is why it important to opt for a reliable hosting service and that is exactly what HostGator is. Why?

Because it offers one of the best Uptime guarantees with the promise of a 99.9% uptime with every plan. But does it keep that promise?

Well, absolutely. If you take deeper look at their services, that is just what they have been delivering for the last 8-10 months with a majority of those month even being 100% (and that my friend, is really impressive).

An Award-Winning Support Team

Another important aspect of any good hosting team is their support service and as you read above, HostGator’s got one than has been well-appreciated across the globe.

And one of the reasons for it is because their team is available 24*7 365 days a year. Plus, they can be contact either a phone call, chat or even a ticket system and responses are quicker than most other hosting services.

Not just that, they are pretty knowledgeable as well so you can expect thorough answers to all your questions.

Money Back Guarantee

If there still are any lingering fears in your mind regarding HostGator’s Hosting services , this 45-day money back guarantee should put it all to bed (way more than the standard 30-day guarantee other hosting services offer).

But keep in mind that this is not applicable on every plan and there are some terms and conditions as well. Here’s all about it.

The guarantee is limited to shared and reseller hosting and does not apply on dedicated serves, VPS plans, domain purchases, customer software or installation charges.

It is a must that you cancel your account before the 45-day period in order to avail the refund.

Refund is also unavailable if you make payments via cheque, money order or bank wire so do not forget to make payments through your debit/credit card or PayPal.

There are plenty of freebies around

Getting free stuff is like the icing on a muffin, you, me, we all love them and thankfully, HostGator has plenty to offer as well in the form.

Most of the plans (yup, even the cheapest of ones) give you unlimited Bandwidth, Storage, a website builder and templates so setting up your website is easy even for starters.

They also allow free domain transfers and installation of blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. (all which takes no more than a few minutes).

Easy user interface

For any starter, understanding the cPnal can be really tough with tons of options available plus, many of you may have never used a website build in the past, right?

Well, this why HostGator offers its users tons of tutorials and FAQ pages that offer quick solutions to common problems faced by most users.

You are also provided with the latest cPanel which makes setting up carts, plugins, themes, FT accounts, all damn easy.

Even the website build is a simple drag and drop builder and does not take more than a few minutes to understand.

And as you already know, you also get in touch with their support staff anytime from anywhere in the world with ease.

The Few Drawbacks of HostGator

Like everything in life, even HostGator has its cons.

No free Domains

Most of the hosting services provide you with a free domain when you opt for their hosting services but not HostGator which is a little disappointing.

Aggressive Upselling

Remember, you had to uncheck certain plans while purchasing the hosting service. This kind of of upselling can be a tad annoying especially if you only happen to realize it after making the payment.

Average Speed

If the latest Google updates have brought to light one thing, it is that the loading speed of your webpage is crucial. And while HostGator is still quite quick, we believe there is room for improvement. Why?

That is because while HostGator’s average page speed is around 950-980ms while other hosting services like BlueHost offer an average speed of 800-850ms.


  • They provide users with 99.9% uptime with all their plans
  • Award-winning customer team is well-versed and response time is good
  • They can be reached out through email, phone call or even ticket system
  • The FAQ page, tutorials etc. help newbies get started right with the website builder, templates etc.
  • There are ample plans for every need
  • Upgrading/downgrading plans is quite simple
  • Plans come with tons of freebies
  • Shared and Reseller plans come with a 45-day money back guarantee
  • User interface of the Cpanel and Plesk are easy to understand
  • Installing WordPress, Joomla etc. takes minutes and a few easy clicks


  • You do not get a free domain when signing up for hosting services
  • Aggressive upselling means you need keep a close eye on the add-ons when purchasing a plan.
  • Speeds could have been better as well

Details About HostGator Plans

Like I have mentioned above, HostGator has a plan for everyone so lets take deeper into what kind of plans suits who the best.

Share Hosting Plans

Need something cheap? Well, that is shared hosting for you and perfect for any starter with little incoming traffic currently.

These plans are available with both Windows and Linux Hosting Services.

Linux Shared Hosting Plans

  • Starter Plan (the cheapest of the plans)
  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

Windows Based Shared Hosting Plans

  • Personal Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Special Features

  • Limitless Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • A new and easy to use cPanel
  • Limitless Emails and Domain Transfers
  • One-Click Installation for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in minutes
  • With Enterprise and Business Plan, you get free Dedicated IP and SSL Certificate  

VPS Hosting

Want a mid-range plan? VPS hosting is ideal for such buyer’s and its standout feature is that it gives you complete access to software installations. So now, you have the power which software is to be installed without any limit.

You can get VPS plans with either cPanel or Plesk. For anyone just starting out, Plesk is by far the easier of the two to use as it comes with a more user-friendly interface.

But keep in mind, Plesk is slower than a cPanel. So in the end, the choice comes down to your level of experience and comfort with the two platforms.

Dedicated Server Plans

For those people with lots of incoming traffic on their site and with a team capable enough to handle en entire server, a Dedicated hosting server is ideal.

Dedicated plans put you fully in charge of the server settings and allow you to modify and configure the server as per your needs. Plus, you can install any software you think is important.

Even dedicated plans can be availed either with a Linux Server or Windows server and here are some other benefits you can enjoy with these plans:

  • The firewalls and other security features are automatically installed
  • Backups can be scheduled to take place as per your convenience
  • You get up to 15GB data and 1000TB storage space along with tons of the benefits
  • Cpanel with WHM Control Panel
  • You can host any number of sites

But what if I do not want the hassle of having to control every aspect of the server?

Simple, you opt for the Managed Dedicated Server.

With this plan, the experienced heads at HostGator take care of server-related aspects like maintenance, backup, set up etc. Thus leaving you with time on hands to improve and develop your business further.

And if you do need to make certain changes you will have root access and core-management support.

You can also contact the HostGator team any time in case any issue arises in respect to the access given and the plan itself.

Cloud Hosting Plans

A website can really get to my nerves when it slow as a tortoise (and no, in this case, slow and steady does not win anything).

And this usually happens you have a shared plan and experience a sudden traffic spike during peak months. But don’t just jump to a dedicated or VPS plan right away. There is a cheaper alternative and yes, it is Cloud Hosting

This plan will double your sites speed and is four times easier to scale so your user-experience is at its best, always.

You can also check out all real-time updates related to the server uptime, speed etc. so you can act on any situation immediately. These details are available on the dashboard which is easy to understand and navigate around.

Not only do you get a free SSL (which have become a MUST), there is also this automatic failover system in place.

So what does it do? In case your website ever experience a server failure, it quickly switches on to a new one keeping downtime to minimal.

Plus, all the data on your site remains safe and secure thanks to the Data Mirroring Process which replicates the data across various servers thrice. This makes getting backups hassle-free

Even with cloud hosting, server management is not your headache. Let the HostGator team take care of all the nitty-gritty stuff for you while you handle the things that really matter to you and your business.

And while the coupons are sure to help you, note, that Cloud Hosting services are pretty cheap with HostGator when compared to some of the other competitors in India.

There are 3 major Cloud Hosting Plans available to the customers:

  • Hatchling Cloud
  • Baby Cloud
  • Business Cloud (The plan with Unlimited Domains, Free SSL and Dedicated IP)

Reseller Hosting

People with plans to start their own hosting services can go with the reseller hosting. With these plans you get everything needed to keep your customer happy like:

  • A free billing software
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 99% uptime
  • 45-day money back guarantee

These plans are also available with Linux Servers and Windows Servers.

WordPress Hosting

Okay, so well know WordPress is used by millions of bloggers around the world. This is the reason, HostGator has a special plan dedicated towards WordPress.

If affiliate marketing or even just a travel or fishing blog is your thing, this is worth the consideration to kick things off.

Why you should use WordPress Hosting

  • Any WordPress update is installed automatically to keep the site safe running at its optimum speed.
  • The Jetpack plugin lovers also have less of a headache as this comes pre-installed with the hosting.
  • Backups are made automatically as well
  • Resources are concentrated towards traffic-intensive pages so they open on the double.
  • And also boosting the site’s load time are special caching techniques (no additional plugins or configuration needed)
  • You can add to the existing CPU, RAM etc. in a few easy steps

You can opt for any of these 4 WordPress Plans depending on the size of your business:

  • Starter
  • Performance
  • Business
  • Professional


Well, with this article we not only cover coupons that you can used with HostGator but also gives you the best and worst of HostGator itself, in turn, making the decision easier for you.

If you are looking for a simple answer to the question whether we recommend HostGator Services or not, we are definitely a BIG YES for it and the coupons will sure make it a worthwhile.

Use the comments section below and let us know about any issues you may have faced with HostGator services in the past and everything you love about them.

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