Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India (Detailed Reviews for 2019)

Truth be told, fully automatic washing machines do not come cheap. In fact, they are some of the most expensive home appliances around the world.

But thankfully, there is a slightly cheaper alternative, a semi-automatic washer.

Not only are they cheap but also happen to be compact and lighter than their counterparts making them the ideal washers for those with smaller homes or living on rent.

And in case you cannot decide which is the best semi-automatic washing machine in India, we have got them all right here in our detailed buyer’s guide.

Best Semi-Automatic Washing in India 2019

LG P9042R3SM: Packed with features that can easily deal with the worst of stains while making washing and drying clothes hassle-free, this LG washer is everything you could have asked for in a Semi-Automatic Washing machine.

A Semi-Automatic Washing for Budget Buyer’s

BPL BSATL65F1: At less than Rs. 10,000, the BPL is capable enough to give any couple or bachelor clean clothes day in and day out thanks to its power 1432rpm motor and multiple wash programs.

Detailed Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Reviews

#1: LG P9042R3SM (Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Under 20,000)

From one of the biggest brands in India comes one of the most highly rated semi-automatic washing machine and here is why we love it so much.

Top Features

You want stainless clothes and this is exactly what you will get as the washer comes equipped with a Roller Jet Pulsator. So how does this work?

Due to the Pulsator Jet, the clothes are rotated even more creating a higher amount for friction giving those stubborn stains a run of their money.

You can also give your whites and other badly stained clothes a nice soaking with the soak timer.

And forget about having to wash delicates with hand ever again. With 3 wash modes, whether it is jeans, sweaters, your favorite hoodies, everything can be machine-washed.

You do not even have to spend hours sitting down scrubbing collars of your shirts either thanks to the effective collar scrubber on the washing which lets you do the job standing (washing clothes just got a whole lot easier).


Rodents can be a huge problem in India and I am sure you do not want them eating into your washer either, right?  Well, you won’t find rodents anywhere near this washing machine as it comes with a special rat-repellent coating on the body.

People living on rent will be happy to know that the washer has 360-degree swivel wheels at the bottom which make moving the washer very easy (yup, you can even do it all by yourself).

Other Features

The lint collector keeps the washer pipes and drains from clogging as it collects the remaining fabrics from the clothes.

And with the upgraded dryer, your clothes won’t be left line drying hanging outside for hours together as the machine dries them 40% more efficiently than others leaving little to no water in them.

Lastly, it has a 7kg capacity which makes it the ideal washer for a family of 4-5. Plus, LG customer services are one of the best and thus you expect quick replies and repairs (not that you would need them soon or very often).

Though not as powerful as the Whirlpool or BPL motors mentioned below, 1300rpm is definitely good enough to get the job done quickly and without any complaints.

The Downsides

Well, it is definitely one of the most expensive semi-automatic washing machines you will find in the India market but yes, worth every rupee due to its top of the line features and build.


  • 7Kg capacity is ideal for a family of 3-4
  • With Roller Jet Pulsator, your clothes get a deeper wash
  • 3 Washing modes allow you to wash delicates, jeans etc.
  • Soaking clothes is easier with the soak timer
  • Collar scrubber allows you to stand and scrub collars
  • The body is coated with rodent-repellent to keep away rats
  • The 360-degree swivel wheels make it easy to move the washer
  • Lint collector will remove any fiber
  • Spin shower deals with any remaining detergent residue in the tub
  • The machine now dries clothes 40% faster as it comes with a wind dryer
  • The transparent top allows you a sneak peek of the wash
  • The 1300rpm motor is quick
  • LG has one of the best customer service department so complaints are seen to quickly


  • One of the most expensive semi-automatic washers

Slightly expensive but one that is totally worth all the money you will spend. It gives you excellent washing, convenience and customer support that is sure to keep you happy.

#2: Whirpool Super Atom 70S (Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Under 10,000)

Next up on the list if one of the best-selling semi-automatic in the form of the Super Atom 70S and here is everything you need to know about it.

Top Features

Nobody likes waiting too long for the clothes to dry and now you don’t have to either. That is because it is equipped with a powerful 1450rpm motor (so you can save a few bucks on both electricity and water bills).

Also, further speeding up the drying process is the multi-utility tray. That is because with it you can neatly switch the clothes to the dryer while letting the excess water drop back into the tub rather than the dryer.

Do you ever get mad the kids for all the dust, mud, grime etc. they have all over the clothes?

Relax, with the Super Soak Technology, such clothes are constantly soaked and scrubbed automatically for 25-minutes so the clothes come up bright and fresh.

And if is the collar on your husband’s uniforms which is dirtiest, you can now clean it without breaking your back as this washer also has an in-built scrubber.

Furthermore, supporting the washing is the large 66-liter drum. This provides ample room for the clothes to be rotated freely especially when you run the washer on the heavy program.

Similarly, there is a light program for the everyday clothes and delicate program that is perfect for woolens, saris etc.

And if there is power cut midway through the cycle, no worries as the memory function restarts the washer from the exact setting it turned off at.

The lint collector once again is there to protect both your clothes and washer from being destroyed by leftover fibers from each wash cycle.

Lastly, this is also a 7kg washer perfect any home with 3-4 members and has a shockproof panel for the utmost safety of your loved ones.

The Downsides

Moving the washer is tough because unlike the LG model here, there are no wheels.

Secondly, at higher spin cycles, the washing can get slightly noisy and vibrates. Nothing that should disturb anybody’s sleep though.


  • It has one of the most powerful motors on the list at 1450rpm
  • Super Soak Technology removes toughest of stains
  • With memory feature, the washer resumes washing from the same setting where it left off
  • Lint collector keeps drains from clogging by removing excess cloth fiber
  • The 66-liter tub provide enough space for intensive washing of clothes
  • There are 3 washing modes delicates and heavy/lightly stained clothes
  • Collar scrubber removes the hassle of scrubbing collars while bending
  • It comes with a shockproof body for safe usage


  • The absence of wheels makes moving the washer very tough
  • Tends to get noisy and vibrates when operating at a higher spin speed

#3: BPL BSATL65F1 (Budget Pick)

For someone really strapped on cash, BPL offers the perfect solution with this washer which can be bought for less than Rs. 10,000. But does that mean you get low-performing washing machine?

Lets’ find out

Top Features

Even though one of the cheapest washers you will come across, it is impressive to see that its motor is even more powerful than the LG washer as it has a 1432rpm motor.

So it makes quick work of drying both the clothes and the tub to prevent any mold and mildew from growing on the inside.

Spin shower once again plays an important role in keeping the tub nice and clean for the next washing cycle by clearing the detergent residue effectively.

The soak mode plays a vital role in the cleaning of heavily soiled clothes and saves you water and electricity that additional wash cycles would eat up.

This soaking somewhat makes up for the machine not having a heavy wash mode. But nonetheless, the Normal mode performs well while the soft mode can handle the occasional woolens with care.

The build of the washer is also impressive as BPL have used high-grade plastic so it does not wear out quickly and remains rust-free forever.

With this washer, you are also provided with 2 water draining outlets. This gives you greater freedom to place the washer in the home as the hose can be connected to either of the 2 outlets.

Its 6.5kg capacity makes a great pick for couples who have little washing load.

The Downsides

The washer does not have a lint collector which means you will need to remove the fibers manually to prevent clogging of the drains.

There is no heavy washing mode but with the soaking feature, it does give the clothes an effective wash. The quality of the inlet and drain pipe is very flimsy and will need replacing.

Complaints of the dryer giving way are also common amongst users and this mind you, this repair won’t be cheap.

There also no wheels but since the washer is pretty light, you should have no trouble giving it a push when need be.


  • It is one of the most cost-effective washer dryer combos
  • Powerful 1432rpm motor cuts down drying time and increases spin speed
  • A great pick for couples due to its smaller capacity
  • Spin shower cleans detergent residue in the tub for better washing
  • The soak mode helps remove tough stains with ease
  • With soft mode, you can wash delicates as well
  • Use of high-grade plastic makes the body strong and rustproof
  • The hosepipe can be connected to any of the 2 drain outlets so the washer is easier to place in the home


  • The dryer lacks durability high-end models offers
  • The inlet pipe and drain pipe are low-quality
  • Lacks a heavy washing mode
  • Does not come with a lint collector
  • There are no wheels

Not all budget products are bad. Yup, the BPL washing machine may lack certain frills that wow users but nonetheless, its washing ability and durability mean you get value for money here.

#4: Samsung WT725QPNDMP

When talking about home appliances, not mentioning Samsung is just wrong. Wondering why? Check out this review of their washer to know more.

Top Features

One of the standout features of the washing machine is that buzzer system which alerts each time a step is completed so you know precisely when the washing complete.

This saves you electricity and is good for the clothes as well since they can be immediately pulled out and dried rather than left in the water itself (just in case you got too engrossed in the movie).

While there is a handy scrubber on the inside for the bad stains, it is the scrubber on the inside that is the real talking point. That is because this scrubber best replicates a hand wash further ensuring your clothes come out without a mark.

Lint filter once again works its magic and efficiently remove fibers crucial to both the washing process and maintenance of your washer’s drains and pipes.

The intensive program works best of tough stains. The normal mode is perfect for daily wear while the Delicate gently washes your chiffons, silks etc.

Once all the washing is done, use the EZ Wash Tray to conveniently move the clothes from the washer to the dryer while letting out the excess water back into the tub.

As for the dryer, the turbo air drying system is effective so your tub won’t end up with mold and mildew increasing the machine’s durability.

The machine is also very compact and light and while there are no wheels, the ergonomic design allows for handles on the side for easy moving of the machine.

Being a Samsung product, there is no doubt the machine is going to strongly build and that is just what the high-grade plastic delivers.

For a family of 3-4, this Samsung washer makes for a worthy buy as it has a 7.2kg capacity.

The Downsides

One problem with this washing machine is its motor which is decent but definitely, a powerful motor would have been the icing on the cake.

There is no soak timer unlike with the LG and Whirlpool models.


  • The buzzer notifies you when the wash cycle is completed
  • The collar scrubber helps efficiently clean cuffs and collars
  • With a scrubber on the inside, the washer replicates hand washing
  • Lint filter prevents excessive fibers from spoiling the washing machine
  • There are 3 wash programs which means you can wash your delicates as well
  • Use of EZ Tray prevents excess water from entering the dryer reducing drying time
  • There are handles on the side of the washer so moving the washer is easier
  • Its 7.2kg capacity makes it a washer for a 3-4-member family
  • The Turbo Air Drying system dries ever drop of water in the tub so no mold or mildew make your washer their home


  • Lacks a soak timer
  • A more powerful motor would have been better

#5: Onida WS65WLPT1LR

For any bachelor that hates having to hand wash their clothes end of the week and find the laundry service to expensive, this Onida washer is the ideal pick.

Top Features

The hydraulic pulsator is specially designed to give your clothes a deep clean by generating a powerful water flow and rotates and bounces the clothes effectively.

Plus, due to this motion, the detergent also goes deeper into the clothes removing all kinds of food stains and dirt.

Another feature that really caught our attention is the durable build. The fiber material used for the making is rust-resistant and thus will last you through thick and thin for years to come.

Also, the biggest benefit of washer-only washing machine its compact size so it fits into the smallest corners of the home as well (kitchen, balcony etc. it can go anywhere).

This especially makes it ideal for bachelors living on rent in a one-bedroom set or with their mates.

Apart from that, there are also handles and knobs on the side and since it is lightweight, moving the washer is a breeze (yup, some of you can even lift it).

This washing machine also has a special buzzer which beeps once the washing is complete. This eliminates the need for you to constantly check on the washing.

But if you do like to get a peek once in a while as to how the whole washing is done, that is made easier by the transparent top.

There are 2 wash programs making it a versatile unit that can clean different fabrics without damaging them.

With a 6.5kg capacity the washer suits bachelors who can easily clean 2-3 days or even worth of clothes in a single go (phew, washing clothes isn’t that tough or expensive anymore).

The Downsides

It does not feature a dryer so the clothes will need to be line dried for a longer duration.

Also, the Onida customer service is poor so if you do have trouble with the washing machine any repairs might require multiple calls and requests.

And as you may have already noticed, it is one of the most basic washers and lacks quite a few important features like a lint collector, tray etc.

But then it is known mostly for its compact and lightweight build and its low cost which makes it a very good buy depending on your needs.


  • The hydraulic pulsator gives the clothes a good wash by generating a strong water flow and mixing the detergent well
  • The fiber build is rust-resistant hence giving you years of uninterrupted washing
  • It is light and compact and thus easily fits into most balconies or even kitchens
  • There are knobs and handles on the side to help move the washer
  • It is the best washers for bachelors as it is cheap and yet efficient
  • The in-built buzzer gives you a reminder when the wash cycle is complete
  • You can also get a good view of all the washing with the transparent top
  • With 2 wash programs, you wash a variety of clothes without any damage to them
  • Its 6.5kg capacity means any single person can clean 2-3 days of clothes at one time


  • It does not have a dryer so drying takes longer
  • Onida’s customer service is quite poor due to slow responses and so on
  • Does not come with a feature like lint collector etc.


Yup, semi-automatic washers are not the most convenient to use but are definitely the better alternative as you do not have to break your back washing clothes by hand anymore.

Plus, this buyer’s guide should help you make a better buying decision helping you get a washing machine that matches both your budget and needs.

If you have a question in mind related to semi-automatic washing machines, don’t forget to write to us.

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